Causes of Anxiety

Do you struggle with anxiety?  (Here’s me raising my hand and saying, ‘me, me, me!’)
Did you know that anxiety is directly related to the limiting beliefs and lies we’re hangin’ onto, especially our core beliefs?
Here’s an example from my life recently.  I’ve been working a lot lately with one of my core lies, which is, ‘you’re bad.’  There are just a handful of these core lies, and we all believe several of them.  Do any of these resonate? (You might hear them in your mind in either 1st person or 2nd person.)
  • I’m not good enough/you’re not good enough
  • I’m bad/you’re bad
  • I’m not worthy/you’re not worthy
  • I’m not loveable/you’re not loveable
  • I’m invisible/you’re invisible
  • I’m going to cease to exist/you’re going to cease to exist
I figured out recently that when I’m holding my core lie, ‘you’re bad,’ there’s this stealth, insidious second half to it:  ‘so you deserve bad things to happen to you.’
And that’s what triggers my anxiety.  I start imagining all the bad things that are going to happen to me (or by extension, to the people I love), and my anxiety spikes.
But the good news is that there are tons of ways to dissolve those limiting beliefs we hold, even the core lies we’ve been carrying around since childhood!!!  And I want to teach you how to dissolve those beliefs, so you can create the life you desire.  And so you don’t have to be twisted up with anxiety – which SUCKS.
Are you ready to set yourself free from anxiety?  If so, WE NEED TO TALK!!!!!!  My whole coaching practice is based around the idea that you don’t need to keep hanging onto those crappy core beliefs that are causing you so much suffering.  I can help you set yourself free, so you can create a magical life!
Every quarter I set aside time to do a certain number of free Magical Life Sessions over the phone. We’ll talk about where you’re at in terms of creating the life you long for, uncover some of the lies that are blocking you and holding you back, and figure out what a great next step would be for you.  If it feels right, we’ll talk about my one-on-one coaching program, but whether you decide to go for the program or not, you’ll leave the call with a whole new sense of direction about your life.
And it’s free!
What are you waiting for?????
Here’s the link to my calendar to sign up for a time slot for your FREE 45-minute Magical Life call with me: 

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