The Olympics and Not Giving Up on Our Dreams

Becoming a solopreneur and building my coaching business has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  And I’ve done some crazy-ass, daring, courageous, risky stuff, stuff that’s taken a lot of faith to leap off cliffs into the unknown when I heard the voice of my knower and the voice of the Divine.  But what I’m trying to do now is WAY harder than all that stuff, hands down.
Why has it been so hard?
Because the emotional roller coaster has been insane.  One minute I know in every last cell of my body that coaching and helping people create their magical lives is what I am meant to do.  Then, something happens like this past week, when I didn’t get nearly as many people enrolled in my course as I wanted to, and I plunge into the dark depths of despair, sure that I’m a fraud and a failure, that I’m not actually helping anyone, that I’m never gonna make money doing what I love, and that I should give up.
If I had to give the roller coaster an amusement park name, you know, like the Zipper or the Demon Drop, I think I’d call it the Faith Flipper.  Or how about the Faith Flattener?
I’m betting you’ve experienced the roller coaster too, as you’ve tried to follow your dreams.
The past few days, watching some of the Olympics, I’ve been seeing faith in every competitor.  How freakin’ much faith in yourself does it take to train every day for the dream of a gold medal?  How many times do those athletes have to tell themselves that this is what they were born to do, and that it’s worth all the physical pain and the disappointments and the sheer struggle?
Like I said above, I’m disappointed because I didn’t get as many people as I wanted to sign up for my course, ‘How to Create a Magical Life.’  My mind wants to spiral into thoughts that I didn’t announce it enough or to the right people or as well as I should have.  Or that the course is stupid.  Or that nobody likes me.
But right now, as I write this, I’m taking a lesson from those Olympians who have chosen faith over and over.  I KNOW this course is amazing.  I KNOW I can help you create the life you desire.  I KNOW this is what I’m meant to bring into the world.
So I’m going to be one of the ones that picks myself up and chooses faith again.  From this place of humility that I don’t have all the answers, I want to offer YOU my amazing new group program, ‘How to Create a Magical Life,’ again.  We started yesterday, and the first group calls were so powerful.  (They’re recorded, so you won’t miss a thing.)
Have you ridden the Faith Flipper/Flattener on YOUR journey of creating the life you’re longing for?  Are you ready to reach out for help picking yourself up and finding faith again?
Join this magical group of us who are supporting each other to be like those faith-filled Olympian heroes, creating the lives we long for.
More details and REGISTER HERE
With so much joy,

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