Live Webinar this week – Creating Magical Lives

Since I opened registration for my ‘How to Create a Magical Life’ course last week, I’ve had several people wondering about the specific practices and techniques we’ll be working with in the course.
Also, a number of people who are considering joining the course would like to get a deeper understanding of what I mean by ‘dissolving’ limiting beliefs, listening to your ‘knower,’ and other terms I used last week in the webinar, ‘Magical Money in 2018!’
So, I did some thinking and planning this morning, and I’m super-excited to be writing today to invite you to another free live webinar I’ll be offering this week – on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday – in which I’ll be explaining my 3-step process to creating a magical life, and giving you a little taste of some of the techniques I’ll be teaching in the course.
In this new webinar, called ‘Creating Magical Lives,’ I’ll walk you through each of the three steps to creating YOUR magical life.  I’ll explain which techniques have helped me the most at various points in my journey, and why.  And I’ll give you a little sample of those techniques so you can experience the process for yourself.
If you’ve been intrigued to dive deeper into creating your own reality or figuring out why manifesting seems to work sometimes but not other times, or learning how to access a receiving state, I encourage you to join me for one of the 3 time slots, for what promises to be an info- and experience-packed hour.
Click HERE to register for any of the time slots for the live webinars.
I will also stay on at the end of each webinar to answer questions about my 3-step process, or anything I shared in my recent ‘Magical Money in 2018!’ webinar, or any details of my course.  (If you haven’t had a chance to watch ‘Magical Money in 2018!,’ the replay is still available for a few more days at
I hope you’ll be able to join me live this week as we continue our journey into this amazing thing of creating magical lives!

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