How Unclogging a Drain Turned into Unclogging My Chakras

Our bathroom sink drain has been getting slower and slower. This morning, I washed my face, and the water didn’t even pretend to go down.

You know how sometimes you just have to deal with something NOW? Well, it was NOW for that drain.

So I got a bucket and took off the U-shaped part of the plumbing, then I started poking up the drain pipe with a screwdriver and pulled out clumps of hair with a needle-nosed pliers. Suddenly, I got ahold of the motherlode! This huge long glob of gooky hair and scum just kept coming out and coming out. Made me want to gag, but at the same time, it was SO satisfying. Then I ran a bunch of hot water and washed some more scum and a few more hairs down into my bucket. And the water was flowing again!

After I got the plumbing back together and cleaned up my mess, I decided it was time to do my morning meditation. I’ve been working lately with a deep-rooted belief that’s holding me back from fully creating all that I long for. The belief is simply, ‘You’re bad.”

Just as a side note, the longer we work on dissolving our limiting beliefs, the more we get down to a few core lies that are common to most of us. They’re things like:
• You’re bad
• You’re unlovable
• You’re in danger
• You’re alone/abandoned/cut off
• You’re going to cease to exist
• You’re invisible

So I’ve been working with the belief, ‘you’re bad,’ for a while now. Just now, as I started my meditation, I could see that belief in my mind-space, the bubble around and over my head where I experience my thinking function. One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Christie Marie Sheldon, has imagery for energy clearing where you see an elevator coming down from Source, and when it stops in front of you, you open the door and there’s a garbage can waiting inside it for you. You dump the energy you no longer want into it, then press either the button to send it back up to Source or down into the center of the earth, whichever feels right. So I called the elevator down, and started pulling ‘you’re bad’ energy’ out of my mind-space. As I did, I suddenly saw the energy as these big gooky globs of hair and scum. I just kept pulling and pulling, and dumping these long strands into the garbage can. Finally it felt like I’d gotten most of it, so I sent the elevator up for the ‘you’re bad’ energy to be incinerated.

Then, I realized I could feel the energy in my emotion-space – the big bubble around my torso and mostly in front of me. So I repeated the process – more big, gaggable but oh-so-satisfying globs of icky energy.

I got most of it pulled out of my emotion-space, and then noticed it in my crown chakra. Once I’d cleaned my crown chakra, I decided to check all the others. They all had at least some of that ‘you’re bad’ energy, and I pulled it out, one charkra at a time.

You know how when you clear a drain, there’s still a few hairs and some scum left? That’s how I felt at that point, so I turned on the equivalent of the hot water: lots and lots of white-silver-gold Source energy gushing down through the pipe from above, flooding my mind-space, my emotion-space, and all my chakras. It felt so good and loving and cleansing, and I just sat there, letting it run through me.

I usually set a timer when I meditate, and today I didn’t want to get up when it went off. But I checked in and it felt like I was done for the moment. But more than that, it felt like and still feels like as I write this, that 99% of that ‘you’re bad’ energy is truly washed away. I feel so clean! And there’s a lovely feeling bubbling up inside me: ‘Cynthia, YOU’RE GOOD!!!!!!!’

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