Being Vulnerable Here About My Struggles

This post comes to you from a vulnerable place.  I’ve been getting ready to launch a new course called ‘How to Create a Magical Life.’  It’s based on the concept that there are seven big areas in life that most of us long to have goodness in – love, money, health, career, our peeps, etc. – and that most of us have a few of those areas where we are just plain STUCK.  No matter what we do, nothing changes.  No matter how desperately we pray or how frantically we try to manifest those things, nuthin’.  And in my course, I help you by starting with the reason WHY that’s the case, which is all the unconscious limiting (and very painful) beliefs we hold in those areas.
But I’ve been freaking out the past week or so, because I have a couple of these areas where I’m stuck!!!!  “How can I teach you to remove blocks and create magic, when I haven’t been able to do it in certain areas of my life?  I’m a fraud!!!  Aaaaaaack!!!”
Then yesterday I was being coached, and we unearthed one of my core limiting beliefs – ‘God will always take care of my most basic needs, but I don’t deserve any more than that – no luxuries, no ease, no special treats, etc.’  When I hit on this belief, the tears came flooding.  My coach helped me begin the process of dissolving the belief.
And then I had an immediate test in the afternoon.  My best friend had given me a gift certificate for my birthday to a garden center.  I love gardening, but it’s too late to do much this season, so I went over there thinking about all the practical things I could get for next spring.  But then I noticed they had a florist section and a case of cut flowers.  One bouquet just jumped out at me.  But when I looked at the price…almost the entire amount of the gift certificate.  I couldn’t POSSIBLY spend that much money on cut flowers that will only last a week or two.  I didn’t deserve THAT — too beautiful, too special.
I felt a lump welling up in my throat, and I had to hurry out of there.  I had a few other errands, so I went and did them, all the while realizing that my big ole limiting belief was looming over me:  you don’t deserve that much goodness.  And I could see that this was a perfect opportunity from the Divine to continue dissolving my painful, limiting belief.
So I wiped my eyes and drove back over there, and got the flowers with my gift certificate.
And I cried all the way home…tears of pain and joy and gratitude.  I’m looking at my beautiful flowers now as I type this.
So what exactly was going on here?
  • We all hold beliefs that aren’t true, lots of them. And in the areas of the Big Seven – love, money, health, etc. – they’re really deeply rooted. We usually don’t even realize we actually believe those things, but when we do see the belief, our reaction is, ‘Logically I know it’s not true, but it FEELS so true.’
  • Here’s why your beliefs, even the ones that are totally unconscious, are so significant and powerful:  they are functioning all the time, going against your conscious effort to create a magical life.
  • Contrary to some pop spiritual teaching out there, you create your life out of your soul, not your mind.
  • Your soul wants to awaken, to shed all those limiting beliefs and to live in its full divine glory. But all your limiting beliefs are blocking your soul.
  • If you don’t dissolve those limiting beliefs, here’s what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna create exactly the opposite of what you set out to create. You’re gonna stay forever stuck in those areas you so desperately want to manifest.
So that’s what I created this course for:  to unearth and dissolve those beliefs, so you can create magic in all the areas of your life.
‘How to Create a Magical Life – the Beta Version’ is gonna be super-special because there’s always something powerful about the first time with something new.  We are going to create a group energy that enables all of us, me included, to have breakthroughs in areas where we’ve been stuck for years.  Plus, this beta version will be tailored for this specific group of people who take the course this first time — I’m going to be tweaking the material in response to YOU – what you need and ask for.
And because it’s the beta version, it’s only $120 for 5 weeks! (I’ll probably price it at $350 when I run it the next time.)
Here’s the link with all the details and to sign up:  CLICK HERE
After all my frustration and stuckness with trying to get this course launched, yesterday everything shifted for me.  I’m SOOOOOOO excited now.  And that’s what can happen for you:  we uncover a belief, we dissolve it, and IMMEDIATELY that area starts to shift.  Pure magic!
Don’t miss out on this beta version – firsties are the best.  REGISTER HERE

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