How to Create YOUR Magical Life

breaking board

Sometimes creating a magical life is a freakin’ lot of effort.

Creating a magical life is NOT sitting on the couch, visualizing money dropping in your lap or the love of your life knocking on the door or your healthy, fit body…and sitting there and sitting there and sitting there. We have to actually get up our butts and DO something. We have to put forth effort.

And we put forth effort in two ways. One is that we work our asses off for the things our knowers show us to work towards. And the other is that we slog through our shit, bringing our fears and hurts and shame into the light.

This photo is me breaking a board with my bare hand. It’s a representation for something that combined both the physical effort and the emotional/spiritual work of breaking through.

The person leading the exercise had us start by saying what fears were holding us back from getting our magic and healing out into the world. We all shouted out things like fear of failure, fear of being found out as a fraud, fear of not making money, etc. But then she started taking us deeper by asking what more primal fears were underneath. Why are you afraid people will think you’re a fraud as a coach, Cynthia? Well, because then they won’t like me. And why are you afraid of not being liked, Cynthia? Well, because they’ll go away. And why are you afraid of that, Cynthia?


She took us through this until is became obvious that all fears spring from just a handful of primal fears — fear of being alone, fear of ceasing to exist, fear of pain, and a few others.

On one side of the board, we had to write what fears we were breaking through. On the other side, we wrote the truth — I am loved, I am safe, I am.

Then we held our boards for each other, and broke them with a sharp, fierce punch of the heel of our hand. POW!

I can’t tell you how empowering it felt.

Do you want to be empowered like that too? Do you want to break through your blocks around money, love, health, career, loved ones, purpose?

I can help you! Join me for a wild journey on my new course, ‘How to Create a Magical Life.’

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