Do you wish you could be SURE when you think your intuition is telling you something?

  • Do you hear, sense or feel things in your intuition, your soul, your gut, (or what I like to call your ‘knower’), but you don’t know if you can trust them?
  • Are you still wrestling with that time in the past when you were SURE you knew something in your knower, but it just didn’t happen?
  • Did your knower get squelched a long time ago, perhaps when you were a child and adults told you things that didn’t feel right?
  • Are you scared to tell your life partner that you want to make a big decision…completely based on some elusive thing inside you that you can’t even really explain?
  • Do you WANT to build a life based on following your knower, but you struggle to take risks and do the scary things you think you hear?
NEWSFLASHYOU can learn to hear the voice of your knower, and you can develop the courage to follow it!  Hearing your knower is a skill, and like any skill, you just need instruction and practice.  And guess what:  leaping off cliffs into the wild unknown because you heard your knower – it’s actually a skill too.  So you can learn to do it.
That’s why I’m offering this FREE one-hour training webinar.  It’s called “How to Leap Off a Cliff – Because You Can Trust the Voice of Your Knower,” and it’s packed with ways to go from thinking you ~might~ have heard something in your knower, to being fully confident that you can trust that voice.  I’ll be breaking down the steps of taking a risk in response to the voice of your knower, and some of the places where we freak out.  And I’ll share some simple techniques that can enable you to move through the freak-outs, so that you can create the magical, purpose-filled life you want.
This no-cost training is for you whether you’ve been attempting to be guided by your knower for years, or you’re not even sure if you have one.  It’s for you if you long to find your internal voice…and actually listen to its wisdom.  And this training is for you if you don’t consider yourself to be an intuitive or spiritually sensitive person, but there’s a little part of you that yearns to be more connected to yourself and the Divine, even if it seems impossible.
Right now, the world desperately needs the gifts and wisdom that you can only bring if you’re willing to leap off that cliff and into your best self.  How much longer is the world gonna have to wait for the beauty, joy, wonder and insight that you and you alone have to offer?
I hope you’ll join me on September 27thHere’s the link to register:
And don’t worry, the webinar will be recorded if you can’t make it live (but you have to register to get the recording).  So head over here to save your spot!  REGISTER HERE!

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