Stressful Magic

Sometimes magic is pretty stressful in the moment. My dad has been here visiting for several days, and yesterday, I drove him 3 hours to Boulder to hand him off to my aunt and uncle who live up in Estes Park. To set the scene for those of you from around here, we met up in the Dushanbe Tea House for lunch.

While we were eating, a man at the next table started choking. When I realized what was happening, his wife was already trying to do the heimlich, but she was on the smaller side and he was a big guy. And maybe she scared to do it hard enough.

I leaped up and went over in that way where you don’t remember ever deciding to act. My body just did it. It took me several tries of punching him for all I was worth, but it worked. By the time he could breathe again, a couple men were there as well, helping to hold the guy up.

We stood at their table for a few minutes while the guy collected himself, then I went and sat back down. My aunt said quietly, ‘It’s a pretty good day — you saved someone’s life today.’

I finished my lunch, with my hands shaking like crazy, and thought about what had just happened while my dad, aunt and uncle kept talking. And I pondered how my body had just gone into action, as though some force was working through it. It wasn’t my mind deciding to act. I just DID. I wasn’t at the closest table to the guy. I’m not a medical person. The restaurant was full, and lots of other people must have noticed what was going on. Why was it ME that acted?

Here’s what I think. When we’re living a lot of the minutes of our days out of our essential selves, in connection with our knowers, it’s as though our bodies are ‘being lived’ though our connection to the Divine. And it often feels like we just DO without thought. Sometimes it feels unnerving, like we’re making all these snap decisions, but there’s a feeling of inevitability about those decisions. They WANTED to happen. Consciousness or God or Spirit just moves through our bodies in a way that feels like it bypasses our mind. But actually, it’s because repeatedly and at a deep level, we’ve chosen over and over with our minds to surrender to our essential selves, surrender to our knowers, to our connection with the Divine.

And it’s possible to live all of our lives ‘being lived’ by the Divine. That’s what it means to be awakened, enlightened, filled with the Spirit, MAGICAL!!!

We get tastes of it. Little glimpses. And hopefully those little glimpses gradually become a habit until they’re continuous.

The guy paid for our lunches. That was a nice dollop of magic to top it off.


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