Why Is It So Hard to Attract the ‘Big Stuff’?

Why is it so hard to create the Big Seven???

First, what are the Big Seven? I just made this list up, but I think it includes most of what we yearn for in our lives.

1. The love of our life, soulmate, life partner, or a better/deeper relationship with our existing beloved.
2. Money — and not just enough to scrape by, but enough to be comfortable and enjoy doing/having what we love.
3. Purpose/career/job/mission/business/work — this is the way that we bring our unique and special magic to the world, and get satisfaction from our contribution.
4. Health — our physical bodies — fitness, weight, healing from disease, body image, etc.
5. Magic in Times of Crisis — magic for those times when we desperately cry out to the Divine to change something or cause something to happen — “HELP!!!!!!”
6. Deep connections in addition to our primary partner — healthy friendships, healthy connections with relatives.
7. Goodness for the people we love — this includes all the longings we have for goodness for our kids, our siblings and parents, for other family members, for dear friends, and everyone else we love.

Can you think of any other categories of ‘big stuff’ that I missed? (My Big Seven could become my Big Eight or my Big Nine, although there’s a ring to Big Seven, don’t ya think?)

Anyway, why is it so hard to attract the big stuff?

Because we attract/create/manifest with our SOULS, not our MINDS, and what our souls want, above all else, is to awaken!!!! So your mind might be longing for you to find your life partner, but your soul is longing for a fulfilling connection with the Oneness, All That Is, the Divine. And your soul says, “Hmmmm, I think she’ll find that fulfilling connection in her loneliness.”

I posted a long quote from a recent Martha Beck newsletter explaining this concept. And her own response to this is: “dammit.” Yep, it’s hard to not get what our minds want.

Thoughts? Your stories about this?  Join me on the Facebook group, How to Create a Magical Life.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/CreateYourMagicalLife/


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