Do you know right now that you are loved by the Divine?

Do you know right now that the infinite love that is this universe we are all part of — do you know that that love loves YOU? Like REALLY loves you?

Do you know that All That Is is saying right now, “Sweet [your name], I love you, I love you, I love you.”?

You are not only surrounded by that miracle of love, you are infused with it, through and through. YOU, my friend. These words are for YOU, right now.

You are LOVED!!!

Does a doubt pop into mind, something like, ‘Cynthia wouldn’t be writing that if she knew who I really am?’ Or do you think, ‘Well, God is just loving me because she/he/it is obligated to love everyone?’

Baloney. That’s a big pile of poo.

You, [insert your name here so it might sink in this time], are loved by Infiniteness in a way that’s particular to YOU. Not some wishy-washy generic love for humanity in general. You are loved in your own individual you-ness. Everything. All of it. From your one eye that doesn’t track quite right to your fondness for coconut yogurt to the polish peeling off your toenails — YOU.

Are you starting to get it? The God within you and completely transcending you, the energy that holds your atoms together so you don’t fly apart, the consciousness that you are part of —

IT’S ALL IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!!!!! IN FACT, IT’S PRACTICALLY SWOONING WITH DELIGHT that the tiniest bit of this thought is sinking in to you right now.

Love! Love! Love!

Breathe it in right now, beautiful one!



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