What If YOU Created Everything, Both Good & Bad, In Your Life?

What would happen if you took responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life, the things you like and the things you don’t like?
I mean REALLY take responsibility, and acknowledge that you created them?
When I first came across this concept, it totally pissed me off. If you’re feeling your hackles rise already, hang with me here, and let me give an example.
What if you’re headed home from work, and the traffic just sucks?
What if YOU create this reality??????
But I wouldn’t create THAT, you say indignantly. Who wants a traffic jam and a crappy drive home at the end of the day?
Just humor me here for a minute, and let’s play with ways and reasons maybe you did actually create this reality. First, on the most practical, concrete level, you chose to live in the place you live, you chose to have a job that you have to drive to, and you chose to go to work today instead of calling in sick. And you are choosing to drive home now, during rush hour, instead of leaving early or staying late. You might be saying, but I HAD to do all that because I’ve got a child to get home to and rent to pay. But go deep here: there’s an accumulation of your choices that add up to this moment. You chose to not abort that child. You chose to say yes to the job you have. It was all your choices that brought you to this very moment of sitting in stopped traffic! You’re really powerful! You created this moment!
And another concrete aspect: you are driving a car, right? So you’re the person that the guy in the car behind you subconsciously thinks is causing the back-up. He thinks you’re a powerful creator of this traffic jam (along with every other driver).
What if there are some deeper reasons that you created this reality right now? Depending on your worldview, what if you’ve been praying for patience, or you made a soul contract before you came into this world that you would learn patience this time around? And what if you’re feeling desperate to be able to be more patient and gentle with that child you’re going home to, who you love something fierce but she’s at THAT age? What if you created this reality to give yourself a chance to practice being patient?
This post has gotten really long, so I’m not going to give you one of the tools I use. I’ll save it for later today or tomorrow. For now, just ponder this idea of taking full responsibility for EVERYTHING in your reality field.
And make sure you don’t miss out on my next installment!  I’m posting each of these blogs first on my new Facebook group, How to Create a Magical Life.  Come join me!

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