Becoming Magic: the First Step

I’ve wanted to be magic my whole life. 

I’ve wanted the world to be magical.  I’ve wanted a magical God, who did real miracles.  And I wanted to understand the intersection of magic and science, or what I would now call spirituality and science.  Mental telepathy, the energy of crystals, people getting healed through laying on of hands, astrology – all of it have fascinated me since I was a child.

Do you relate?

If I had been born into a culture other than ours, some adult would have probably realized early on that I was called to be a ‘Wayfinder’ – a medicine woman, a priestess, a shaman, a healer.  I would have been schooled in the technologies of magic – given tools to match my curiosity and desire.  But that component of mentoring is missing from our culture, so those of us who are born knowing we’re light workers have to chart our own course through a lot of possibilities.  It’s taken me years, but I’ve gradually found my way toward my own true north.  I’ve found my way to becoming a modern-day Wayfinder.

If you’re resonating with this, I want to help you find YOUR way!

You wanna know when things started getting different (and lots better) for me?  Really different?  When I encountered, over the past few years, various authors and teachers who had delved deeply into that place where magic and science intersect.  And one of the books that has been most transformative has been “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World” by Martha Beck.  As a sociologist, she researched commonalities found among the training and work of ‘Wayfinders’ of many cultures, and discovered that the first step of becoming magic is learning to drop into what she calls, ‘Wordlessness,’ a state where we’re thinking in images, not words.

Wordlessness as a skill is useful on all kinds of levels.  It’s wonderful to live inside a brain/mind that’s not constantly spinning with thoughts.  So you may want to sign up for my free class just to learn this one piece.  But if you have a hunch you might be one of these Wayfinders I’m talking about, learning Wordlessness is essential for all the rest of what you’re called to do.

No, I haven’t managed to manifest everything single thing I ever wanted.  I haven’t yet levitated or walked on coals.  But I have seen a lot of miracles, a lot of answered prayers, a lot of synchronicities.  I have bent a stainless steel spoon, experiencing it become soft and warm in my hands and agreeing to bend for me.  I’ve been out hiking and called coyotes and snakes to show themselves…and seen them.  I’ve experienced energy flowing out of my hands to heal others.

And you?  Have you been longing for magic your whole life?  Even if you’re feeling a little sheepish to admit it?  Or maybe you haven’t quite stepped into your magical self, but you’ve stuck a big toe in and you want more.  Or perhaps you’re well acquainted with the frustration of believing in magic but not seeing results.

It’s time for a growth spurt!  That’s why I’ll be teaching a one-hour FREE class via teleconference.  This training, called “Wordlessness:  Finding the Peaceful Place in Your Brain,” is for you if you know you’re one of those Wayfinders, or you’re a Wayfinder Wannabe — you know you’re called to be a magical being — you want to accept the call — you want to grow!  This class is also for you if you simply are sick of the endlessly whirling thoughts in your head, and you’d just like a little peace and quiet up there.

I hope you’ll join me live on this call:

Date:  Thursday, June 29th, 2017
  • 11:30am Eastern Time
  • 10:30am Central Time,
  • 9:30am Mountain Time
  • 8:30am Pacific Time

The call will be recorded if you can’t make it live, but you gotta sign up to get the recording.

Sign up HERE!

Believing in YOU and your infinite, glorious, magical self,

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