Doing Manifesting Wrong

I have a great business accountability partner.  We talk each week about what we accomplished in the previous week, what we procrastinated on, what didn’t go so well and what flowed.  We set commitments for ourselves for the coming week.  And we talk about what we want to manifest.

For 4 or 5 weeks, I’ve been trying to manifest the same thing.  And it hasn’t happened.  Finally, rather than just putting it on my list of commitments again, and feeling frustrated again, I asked my partner if she had any insight into why it wasn’t happening for me.

And we figured out that it was because I didn’t have that deep knowing that what I wanted to manifest already WANTED to happen.  What do I mean by that?  Back in my charismatic Christian days, I would have said that I had heard the voice of God about it — God was already speaking the thing into existence.  Martha Beck says that she drops into the Everywhen and discovers something wants to happen.  You might feel it as that gut feeling or that knowing that just dropped into your intuition:  you know that you know that a certain thing is coming your way.

But whatever we call it, it’s the same thing:  you have a knowing in your know that something wants to come into existence.  So then the ‘manifesting’ part becomes simply the faith that you’ve already seen it, and you can trust that it will be.

My problem was that I didn’t have the knowing about what I wanted to manifest these past few weeks.  I hadn’t taken the time to ask the divine what was waiting to be created.  I hadn’t dropped into the Everywhen to see what wanted to happen.  Instead of co-creating something based on a deep knowing, I was trying to force a good idea to happen.

It doesn’t work.

So my commitment for this week is to take the time to — whatever you want to call it —  listen to the voice of God, drop into the Everywhen, check in with your knower — about what wants to happen regarding this particular thing.

I’ll let you know what happens.


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