Confession Time: “I’d Kill Them with My Bare Hands If I Could”

hand-grenade-1188393“You don’t feel angry at first when someone throws a grenade that lands a few feet behind you.  You don’t feel the anger for a long time, in fact.  And since you’re a good Christian who’s supposed to love your enemies and be a reflection of Jesus, you shouldn’t be angry, right?  Besides, it’s disconcerting to acknowledge anger when you have a sinking feeling your group provoked the attack.”

That’s a quote from the opening of my memoir.

Twenty-five years ago, when I was a Christian missionary, there was a terrorist attack against a group of us while we were working in a Muslim area. Two of my dear friends were killed, and I still have shrapnel from the grenade.

I no longer believe there’s only one way to God, and I no longer agree with the proselytizing I was doing, but I’m deeply grateful for all that I gained from twenty-five years of acknowledging hatred and anger, and eventually figuring out how to forgive.

Did you know that we produce some of our best brain waves when we practice forgiveness?  ‘Forgiveness’ isn’t a glamorous topic, but did you know it sets us free from stuff like perfectionism, self-hatred, depression, or beating yourself up?  How’re you doin’ on all that?

NEWSFLASH:  Practicing forgiveness increases our productivity, our health, our capacity to love, our creativity, and a bunch of other awesome things!

Join me for my free training, “Forgiving the Terrorists:  What I Learned about Love from a Grenade Attack.”  I’ll be telling my story, and then you’ll experience one of my tools I created for myself, that I now use on my Paths of Conscious Forgiveness, which will give you exactly what you need to take your next tiny step toward healing and freedom.  You’ll understand that you can live fearlessly in an uncertain world.  And you’ll be challenged to examine who you might despise or have disdain for, even if you don’t realize it, and how, with Conscious Forgiveness, you can free yourself to play your beautiful, needed part in the world.

This no-cost training is for you if:

  • You’ve ever been angry or you have someone to forgive – ha ha, most of us, right?
  • Or perhaps you’re one of the victims of something heinous, whether on an individual scale or on the scale of global conflict, and you are reaching out for hope, for help, and for healing
  • You want to bring good into the world, but you just can’t figure out how
  • The problems of our world seem so huge and overwhelming that you sometimes just want to give up and live selfishly with your head in the sand
  • You feel like our country and culture is in deep trouble
  • You are heartbroken, angry, and/or afraid when you hear about the latest hate crime or terrorist attack, and images of bombs, beheadings, refugees, etc., haunt you, and you just don’t get how the perpetrators could be so evil

Are you ready to leave that stinkin’ anger (and all the depression, perfectionism, self-hatred, disease, bitterness and other junk that suppressed anger morphs into) behind, and try a step or two on the Path of Conscious Forgiveness?  Are you ready to produce some great brain waves that will enhance your well-being?  Are you ready to live fearlessly?

I hope you’ll join me either:

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 at:

  • 11:30am Eastern Time
  • 10:30am Central Time,
  • 9:30am Mountain Time
  • 8:30am Pacific Time

Thursday, January 12th, 2017 at:

  • 7:30pm Eastern Time
  • 6:30pm Central Time
  • 5:30pm Mountain Time
  • 4:30pm Pacific Time

And don’t worry, the call will be recorded if you can’t make it live (but you have to sign up to get the recording).  So hop over here TO REGISTER to save your spot on the call!



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