Free Talk Today – Sunday, August 21, 2016

Today is the day! I’m taking yet another step out of my spiritual closet to tell the story of my journey. I’ve called my talk, “Spirituality on Your Terms: How to Escape the Power of Groupthink and Find a Deeper Connection with the Divine.” I’ll be giving the talk via conference call, and there are local phones numbers for countries all over the world, so if you’re outside the US, you can dial in without even paying for an international call.
I am giving this talk to help people who are struggling to sort out what they believe versus what their religious group teaches, but I’m aware that some of you who knew me 10 years ago or more, when I was a Christian missionary, are wondering how I arrived where I am today spiritually. I invite you to join me on the call to hear my story.
It’s completely free, so just click on the link to register and get the dial-in details. Can’t wait to ‘see’ you on the call!

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