Confession Time

Confession Time:  I’m a recovered Underpricer.

In my free class that’s coming up this Thursday, I tell the story of the first time I offered my jewelry for sale.  Two of my friends came to the event where I was vending, and they each wanted to buy a pendant from me.  I just looked back in my records, and I charged them $32 each for pieces that now I would easily sell for $150 or more.  I doubt I even covered the cost of materials.  They both kept saying, ‘are you sure?’  One of them tried very hard to stuff more money into my hand.  I wouldn’t take it.  I was just in such disbelief that they would actually want my metalsmithing work that I felt like I must be hoodwinking them or something.

I’ve come a long way since then.  Now, when I’m standing at my booth and someone asks a price, I tell them without hesitation.  And if I see that certain cringe or subtle shock that means it’s way more expensive than they expected, instead of feeling sheepish or wanting to offer excuses or discounts, I feel oddly proud inside.  Something wells up in me that says, ‘yup, that’s how much it’s worth, and you’d better believe it.’  It’s not cocky energy (although that sentence sounds cocky on paper).  It’s just a solid confidence.

NEWSFLASH:  You can become a Fearless Pricer too!

That’s why I’m offering this FREE one-hour training call.  It’s called, “Fearless Pricing for Creative Entrepreneurs – a Guide for Underpricers, Overpricers and Random Pricers,” and it’s packed with ways to start pricing your creative offerings appropriately and courageously.  I’ll be talking about some common reasons that creatives are Muddled Pricers, and I’ll share some simple techniques that can enable you to get past those obstacles, so that you can take your business from expensive hobby to money-making profitability.

This no-cost training is for you if you’re an artist, artisan or craftsperson of any sort, and you’re trying to sell your work.

How much longer are you gonna price yourself too low and end up resentful?  Or too high and not sell?

So I hope you’ll join me on the phone this Thursday, September 24th, at 1pm Eastern, noon Central, 11am Mountain and 10am Pacific time.  And don’t worry, the call will be recorded if you can’t make it live (but you have to sign up to get the recording).  So hop over here TO REGISTER to save your spot on the call!



PS.  If you read this and you’re torn between hope that Fearless Pricing might truly be achievable and fear that it’s too good to be true, you are exactly the person I’m talking to.  YOU!


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