A Course Correction, and I’m Headed to My North Star Again

Picture your life as your sailboat, at sea on a dark, starry night.  You are trying to sail toward your personal North Star, your purpose, your passion, the life you were meant to live.  But the reason sailboats make marvelous analogies for our creative journeys is because most of the time you can’t sail straight toward your goal.  You have to tack back and forth, chasing the winds.  And sometimes you focus so much on the waves that when you look up at your North Star again, you realize you need a course correction.
I had a course correction recently.  Ever since I got trained as a life coach, I’ve imagined that I would have at least a three-part business, including coaching, jewelry making, writing and probably public speaking.  I’ve been intensely focused on jewelry for the past four or five months, creating a lot of pieces, doing lots of vending, and making lots of custom orders.
Early in July, I vended up in Vail, a great little Colorado mountain town.  I’ve done this event several times before, and usually I make a lot of money, but that day I didn’t.  And I left very frustrated because I had specifically asked the universe to send all the right people to buy my jewelry.  What had I done wrong?  I had asked the divine for something specific, and it definitely didn’t happen.  WTF????
Then, a week or so later, I drove an hour to have lunch with a fellow coach.  On the drive, I listened to a recorded class related to my coaching business and felt my passions getting very stirred up about coaching.  I love coaching people!  I love passing along the amazing tools I’ve learned that have opened the way for me to create the life I want!  I love it when a client has a major breakthrough!  My coach friend and I talked for 3 hours and all I could think was that I want more clients to coach.  As I drove back home, I listened to the recorded class all over again, and I had the strong sense that I had been neglecting my calling to serve people with my coaching skills.  I made the decision that it was time to focus again on my coaching.
But, I had a previous vending commitment a few days after that lunch meeting, so I had lots of jewelry work to do to get ready, and I didn’t do anything about my decision.  The vending was in downtown Denver at a street fair where I expected to encounter lots of people who would like my style.  As I was driving to the venue that morning, I begged the divine that I would be able to sell lots of jewelry and make some good money.  I was hoping to take in around $1000 for the day.  Well, I barely covered the booth fee and the food and parking for the day.  Plus it was freakin’ hot and lots of hard work.
On my way home, I was so upset.  All that work for nothing.  What about the divine answering my prayers?  What about manifesting things?  What was going on???
Then I got it.  I had been SAYING all week that I was willing to change how I was spending my time.  I was excited about the idea of spending a lot more time on coaching.  But in reality, in those few days since making my decision to change, I hadn’t actually DONE anything different.  I had still poured just as much time into my jewelry business, compulsively trying to finish a bunch of new pieces so I would have a certain amount to sell.  I THOUGHT I was listening to my inner guidance, but I actually wasn’t DOING the things I would have done if I had truly taken that guidance to heart.
So the universe had to be drastic to get my attention.  And this time, on this drive home, I REALLY decided that it’s time to focus on coaching, and that my jewelry business needs to be a side business, at least right now.  Yes, I’m still vending this weekend, up in Vail again, but I’m NOT going to obsess over how many pieces I have to sell, or work like crazy to finish a few more beforehand.   This time I’m making my course correction for real.

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