I’m Giving Away Some Free Coaching Sessions

Dear friends on a creative journey,

I’m about to give away some free life coaching sessions to four people!

Here’s the deal. I have created a program called ‘YOU as Flourishing Creative Entrepreneur,’ and I’m looking for a few folks to go through it as my guinea pigs. The program is a three-month mentorship, and will normally cost $1400. But in order to entice you to try it out for me, and help me make any tweaks it needs, I’m offering 2 things. First, I’m going to give away packages of three free coaching sessions to each of four people that I select. (I usually charge $125/session). There are absolutely no strings attached to accepting these three free sessions if you are selected. Then, secondly, at the end of three sessions, if we both feel like it is right for you to go on to the whole 3-month mentorship, I’ll offer it to you for half price — $700. In exchange, I’ll only ask that at the end you give me any feedback you have to make the program better, and write a testimonial for me that I can use on my website.

I’m specifically looking for some people who are serious about working as creative entrepreneurs – either you already make part or all your income from your creativity, or you aspire to. You want to be coached on both the business side of being a creative entrepreneur, and on your artistic/creative development. All coaching will be done over the phone, so location is not an issue.

For more information and to apply, go to http://starvingartistnolonger.com/program-launch/. The Apply Now button at the bottom of the page will take you to an application on Survey Monkey, which I will use to select the four recipients of the packages of 3 free individual coaching sessions. I will be making my selections based purely on my own intuition, my sense of who you are and how ready you are to grow and make changes, my reactions to your answers, etc., so LET ME SEE YOUR PASSION!

Applications must be received by 11/24/2014 to be considered. I will contact the four people I select to receive the free coaching packages by 11/26/2014. Coaching sessions will be scheduled individually as convenient. I know the holiday season can be very busy, so I’m happy to work with each person’s calendar.

Questions? Email me on cynthia@magiccarpetlifecoaching.com.

With so much joy,



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