It Really IS All In How You Choose to Look at It

Through my coach training and the reading I’ve been doing, I’ve learned a lot about our thoughts, and how we make events mean something by how we choose to think about them. I just had the perfect example this morning.

One of the joys of my life is the wildlife that comes through our yard. For a long time, I had been wanting a motion-activated trail camera to see who was visiting us, especially at night. Recently, I was given one, and I’ve been so excited to check it every few days. But the ironic thing is that we haven’t had much wildlife around the past few months because we had a cool, rainy (for Colorado) summer and a mild fall. Many of the critters haven’t needed to come down from higher elevations because there’s been so much food and water for them. So the only thing I’ve caught on the camera so far was a female mule deer and her two fawns.

This morning, I went out right at dawn to put our trash cans out. There in our back yard was the most beautiful male mule deer. He was huge and majestic, and posing right in the line of the camera! Looking straight at it and shaking his antlers. I stood there and watched him until he spooked and disappeared.

And then I realized that the trail cam was in the house. I had brought it in yesterday afternoon to look at the photos, and hadn’t gotten around to putting it back outside. I was so bummed. I went into the house, and said, “Well, of all the durn things…” to my husband. I was so disappointed. Those photos would have been aMAZing. I was so annoyed with myself that I hadn’t gotten the camera back out there yesterday after I checked it.

But then I had a moment of insight.

If I didn’t own that trail cam, I would have stood there, captivated, watching the buck shake his antlers and feeling the thrill of being so close to a wild creature. After he spooked, I would have rushed back into the house, shouting, “TT, I just saw the most beautiful buck!” I would have been filled with joy, filled with gratitude for where we live. But instead, I was disappointed and mad at myself.

It’s all in how you think about it.

And I had a choice. I could choose to think the thought that caused me suffering, or I could choose to think the thought that caused me joy. They both fit the situation. They were both true.

And I got to choose which way I’d think about it!!!!


Hey, everyone, I saw the most beautiful buck in our yard this morning when I went to put the trash out!

PS.  This photo is from a few years ago, and I have zillions of photos of deer in our yard, so it wasn’t even that I desperately wanted another photo.


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