YOU As Flourishing Creative Entrepreneur

You’re an artist. You’re a sculptor, singer, painter, writer, belly dancer, metalsmith, potter, musician, knitter, actress, cartoonist, costume designer, drummer, art teacher, crafter, wood carver. You love to create. You make beauty. You express passion.

But you don’t make much money doing it. Because you’re stuck. Because you gave up. Because you price yourself too low.

Newsflash: You REALLY CAN make your living as a creative entrepreneur! You just need to grow your self-confidence and determination, learn to love and believe in your creations, and be unstoppable!

Dear Starving Artist and Blocked Creative Soul,

Maybe you relate:

  • You wish you could figure out how to release a flow of creativity and KEEP IT FLOWING, but you’re stuck…or…
  • You’re working as a full-time artist, but the magic is gone…or…
  • You create…but you’re never satisfied with your work…or…
  • Your artistic endeavors have turned into just an expensive hobby because you don’t dare to price your work high enough to make a profit from it…or…
  • You’re working part-time as an artist, but your day job is taking up so much time you never actually DO your art…or…
  • You put 3 items up for sale on Etsy, and when no one bought them, you closed your shop…or…
  • You dream of turning your creativity into a business, but you’re terrified by accounting, taxes, business licenses and marketing


But you don’t have to be starving and blocked! You can follow your dreams and create the artistic life you are longing for!


How can I say that? Because I’ve been there. I get the frustration and disappointments. I’ve been crushed by rejections from literary agents who couldn’t see the value in my novels, and stopped writing for months. I’ve watched a part-time job eat up far more than 20 hours a week while my metalsmithing business languished. I’ve vended my jewelry at events where I sold one $10-item in three days. I’ve spent lots of money on Facebook ads that didn’t give me any return on my investment.

And during all that time, I would have given anything to have a mentor encouraging and supporting me. I wasted a lot of energy figuring things out by myself, but the great result is that now I have a wealth of tools and experience to help you!



  • Having more unique, original creativity than you know what to do with
  • Feeling a deep connection to your inner artist, to the divine, and to your audience
  • Laying out a concrete plan to achieve your artistic and financial goals
  • Falling in love with the work you create, and being convinced of its value
  • Daring to take good, healthy risks as a creative entrepreneur, at exactly the right time
  • Finally letting your voice go out into the world
  • Being unstoppable


Contrary to popular belief, creativity IS something that can be expanded. YOU can be more creative than you ever imagined! And becoming successful as a creative entrepreneur is as much about audacity as it is about the quality of your work. Fortunately, audacity, like creativity, can also be learned and expanded. If you’ve read this far, I have a hunch you’ve worked hard over the years on the technique and craft of your particular art forms. But technique and craft aren’t the whole picture in the life of a creative entrepreneur. It’s time to learn how to deal with blocks so that you never feel stagnant again, and to develop the audacity to put yourself out there where your voice WILL be heard and your art will bring you the money you deserve!

[Working with Cynthia] is changing the way I think about my art, myself and my ultimate goals. [It] is changing my life. Cynthia …always asks the questions that make a difference!

-Julianna Abrele-McClellan, belly dance costume designer



For those of you who are serious about uncovering your limiting beliefs, facing your fears, and creating the artistic life and business you dream of…


YOU as Flourishing Creative Entrepreneur!

a 3-month mentorship to take you from starving, blocked artist to thriving creative entrepreneur


Here’s what the program, YOU as Flourishing Creative Entrepreneur, looks like:

A 6-Step System

  • Access Your Infinite Creativity

o   Learn a clear process to access your creativity whenever you choose. No more blocks or stagnation.

  • Bring Magic Into Your Art

o   Strengthen your connection to your divine. Learn to direct your love, power, and healing energy through your works to your audience.

  • Define Your Dreams

o   Create your dream life as an artist so clearly in your mind and heart that you know it’s already reality in the unseen realm.

  • Love What You Create and Believe In Its Worth

o   Find delight in your work and yourself! Get totally confident in how much your work is worth and learn to price courageously!

  • Take Risks

o   Grow your confidence to boldly do the thing you fear, whether it’s submitting your novel to an agent, auditioning for the dance company, presenting your sculpture to the gallery owner, or quitting your day job to work as a full-time musician.

  • Be Unstoppable

o   Face each setback with unstoppable determination. Build the audacity to believe in your creative works no matter what anyone else thinks of them.



 Who am I and why do I teach this?


  1. I wasted a lot of time, energy and money along my creative journey, and experienced a lot of longing and disappointment. I could always sense the creativity inside me, but it wasn’t until all the elements in my 6-step system came together for me that I became the flourishing creative entrepreneur I am now, with more custom jewelry orders than I can keep up with, plenty of time and inspiration to write, and the freedom to pursue my parallel dream of life coaching and helping YOU!
  2. I’m a self-help book junkie who gets excited when I see exercises at the ends of chapters. I do them all! Because I’ve tried and applied them, over the years I’ve gleaned amazing tools from diverse people such as Julia Cameron, Barbara Sher, and Martha Beck.
  3. I’m a mentor and a teacher. I have more than 20 years of experience mentoring people in spiritual development, leadership development, team dynamics, personal growth, creativity, and entrepreneurship. I teach The Artist’s Way. I’ve seen things that have worked for me and for my clients and students, and I’ve seen things that didn’t work. And I love packaging all those great tools into a program that is tailored just for you and your needs.



I always feel giddy when I finish talking with Cynthia … she has given me so much confidence and so many ideas!! Instead of cowering in fear of the unknown, I am tackling possibilities head-on, and things are falling into place beautifully as a result. If you need a little nudging and want to learn about how you tick and how to work through problems positively, call Cynthia!! Also if you want gorgeous jewelry, she is an amazing metal artist – check out Magic Carpet Dance Arts to ooh and aah at the pretty and get a piece just right for you!”

Jenny Smalling, co-owner of recording studio, technical writer, belly dancer



Here’s what’s included in “YOU as Flourishing Creative Entrepreneur – a 3-Month Mentorship

  • 8 one-on-one coaching sessions with Cynthia, one hour each and usually scheduled every other week, so you can dismantle limiting beliefs, define your dreams, and create a strategy to rock your creative journey and your business. These sessions can be recorded if you wish, so you can refer back to them later when you need to remind yourself of the amazing insights you had about yourself.
  • Exercises and homework tailored to YOU as an individual, so you can take tiny (or huge) steps toward your goals and dreams
  • Accountability from Cynthia regarding the goals YOU set for yourself, so you stay on track
  • Email coaching from Cynthia throughout the entire mentorship, as frequently as 4 times a week if desired, to help you through the sticky spots
  • Supplemental resources so you can take things deeper on your own timeframe
  • Encouragement and support – in other words, the greatest cheerleader ever – to help you see yourself in the radiant light of your own awesomeness


So how much?

The investment (in yourself!!!) to take you from starving artist/starved artistic soul to flourishing creative entrepreneur is only $1400.


Interested? Curious? Tempted? Want to find out more? Click here to schedule a complimentary one-hour mentor session with Cynthia. In that session, you will gain clarity around the Starving Artist/Starved Artistic Soul Trap. You’ll think through what your best next steps are for your creative journey and turning your creativity into a thriving business. You’ll hear more about “YOU as Flourishing Creative Entrepreneur,” and determine if this 3-month mentorship is the right investment for you.

Apply now for your mentor session!

After you click the Apply Now link, you’ll be taken to a short application on SurveyMonkey, which will take you five minutes or so to fill out. Once I receive your application, I’ll be in touch via email to schedule your complimentary mentor session.


But Cynthia, what if it feels like too much of a financial stretch?

I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve stretched financially to buy expensive metalsmithing classes and tools. I’ve stretched financially to get trained as a life coach. I’ve invested money in my businesses to build websites and to advertise. And there’s no way to eliminate the risk involved in taking those steps. But if what I’ve shared on this page resonates with you and you sense this mentorship could transform you, remind yourself of the infinite value of the artistic expression you and you alone can bring into the world. You are worth the investment, and the people you will impact with your art need what you offer. As Martha Graham said,

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.

If it’s hard for you to make this investment in yourself FOR yourself, consider making it on behalf of the people you will serve with your unique expression.


But Cynthia, I’ve never received money in my life for my creative work, and I don’t think I want to sell my work. I just want to find time to pursue my interests and hobbies, and be more creative in my free time.

That’s one of the reasons I designed this program so that it can be tailored just for you. In the years that I taught Julia Cameron’s wonderful course, The Artist’s Way, I came to feel that it was attempting to simultaneously reach people at too many different places in their creative journeys. My participants covered the whole spectrum from working artists to people just wanting to infuse their lives with more creativity and play. The exercises didn’t all work for everyone, and I started longing to be able to mentor people in ways more specifically geared to their individual hopes and needs. So whether you’ve been getting paid for your art for years, or just starting to imagine that you might be a creative being with something to express, this program can be tailored to fit you!


So are you ready to go from Starving Artist / Starved Artistic Soul to Flourishing Creative Entrepreneur? Apply now for your free mentor session, and watch your path open out before you!

Apply Now


With so much joy,




Within the first week and a half, I noticed a big shift in my perspective. I felt my heart opening to the desires of my inner artist and a dimming of my inner critic. All of a sudden, I realized that the Universe is always on my side and that those “fleeting moments” of passion are my inner artist’s voice guiding me to create. The course has taught me to pay attention to my inner artist’s voice and to really notice the simple pleasures in life. I’ve become more aware and gentler with myself as I work through clearing my blocks to creativity. I foresee that I’ll continue practicing [the tools] in some way, for the rest of my life. This course has truly been a life-changer for me and I am so grateful that I gave myself permission to keep creativity and this process a priority. I would definitely recommend this guided course by Cynthia to anyone trying to create new and healthy patterns.

-Ali Dombek, creative soul


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