Developing a Loving Relationship With Time

I’m working to develop a loving relationship with time. It sounds odd, I know. It’s an idea from a book by a coach named Jill Farmer. As I read it, I realized that I’ve had an angry relationship with time for ages. It gets away from me. I try to stuff it full of too much, too many things, then get mad when I’m too busy or I don’t get everything done.

How does one go about developing a more loving relationship with time? I’m discovering that when I slow down, I have more time. When I live in the present moment, I am rich in time. So I chose, this morning, to plan LESS than I thought I could get done today. Jill Farmer says we need to limit our to-do lists to five items a day. So I picked 5, and I’ve already gotten 3 done, and had a fun lunch with my husband. And it’s only 12:40. I think I can take a nap and still get the other two done this afternoon, and feel really satisfied. A shorter list tells me it’s okay to stop working.


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