Creating Talismans

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a belly dancer, a jewelry artist, a writer, or some sort of creative being.  And chances are, you work really hard at your art, whether it’s your career or not.  I have a hunch – tell me where I’m wrong – that what you long for in your art, beyond technical mastery of your craft, is power and magic.  Chances are, too, that if you follow my blog, you also frequently function out of the archetype of the healer.  You are called to be a mender of yourself and others through your art.  You are called to be a magical wayfinder, finding life paths for yourself, and probably leading others on those paths.

I have a hunch that, as an artist, you want to create talismans.

We all know the concept of a physical talisman:  an object of power or magic that holds some kind of energy, whether it’s the energy of peace, courage, love, perseverance, or some other goodness.  Prayer beads, the rock you carry in your pocket, the little statue you brought back from a journey – they are symbols, but far more than symbols.  Talismans connect us to Source.

Talismans can also be non-tangible.  In my childhood, certain fantasy series – The Wizard of Earthsea books, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia – were touchstones for me, promises that the magic I sensed in the world really was real.  Even my choice of the word, ‘touchstone,’ to describe those books is interesting:  they became treasures for me to carry with me and touch when I needed reassurance or guidance or a sign.  And what about talismans in the performing arts?  Over the years, I’ve been involved in several dance or theater pieces that became touchstones for me, and I’ve carried them with me in my heart, revisiting their moments of power.

Over the past few years, as I’ve found my own truth and my own spirituality, I have had amazing breakthroughs in my own artwork.  I’ve learned how to craft my work in conjunction with the power I sense in what I’m creating, whether it’s a piece of jewelry, or a scene in one of the novels I’ve written.  I’ve been told repeatedly that the jewelry pieces I’ve made have become talismans for my clients.  And my novel about a flying carpet has become a talisman in my own heart.  I’ve learned to dissolve my fears, my limiting beliefs, and my mean internal voices, and to open myself to be a clear channel to receive and serve both the art I’ve been given, and the people for whom it is meant.

I have a hunch this is what you are longing for in YOUR art:  to create talismans for yourself and others.  And as a life-coach-in-training, I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you.  If this FB post struck a chord with you, and you’re interested in a COMPETELY FREE 30-minute session about what’s involved in being mentored to take your art to the next level of power, email me at You can ask me questions about coaching, and we can see if we’re a good fit to work together.  If we connect and you want to learn the things I’ve learned about being a clear channel for the power that the universe wants to pour through you into your art, I’m offering a fabulous deal right now:  six one-hour phone or Skype sessions, scheduled every other week, for a total of $300.

The world is longing for those talismans that only you can bring into existence!


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