Where Your Attention Goes, Your Life Goes

Where your attention goes, your life goes.

That’s a quote from Martha Beck that’s on this video: Martha Beck – Finding Your Way to Joy and Peace.  (Fast-forward past the first few minutes — it’s an ad for a conference with her and Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston.)

In the video, Martha talks about being in an airport, chatting with a hockey player who said that, in hockey, the goalie fills up so much of the goal that you can never look at the goalie.  You have to keep your eyes on the little spaces ~around~ the goalie.  Then she got on the plane and sat by a professional kayaker who told her that, on the river, you never look at the rocks.  You keep your eyes on a channels of water, no matter how narrow.  Then, she got to her destination and went to a horseback riding lesson and her instructor told her to keep her eyes where she wanted the horse to go.

Craig and I were listening to this video while we drove to go mountain biking.  My instructor from bike camp last summer was always telling us not to look at the rocks because you’ll hit them.  You have to look where you want to go.

Where your attention goes, your life goes.  Are you looking at the obstacles, or are you focused on where you want your life to go?


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