This Changes Everything

bent spoonAs of Tuesday, February 12th, I will never see reality the same again.  I bent that spoon.  I believed in miracles before. I’ve seen miracles.  But I was never quite so intimately involved in the indisbutable doing of a miracle.  It doesn’t matter who might doubt what happened.  I know that I held that spoon, and connected with it, and showed it an image in my mind of what I’d like it to do, and asked it if it would bend for me.   I asked it to bend into a corkscrew.  I know it became warm in my hands, and just for a moment, it and I had no boundaries between us.

Then I shrieked with laughter and cried with awe and amazement, and came out of the wordless place where I’d been, and it stopped bending. The corkscrew wasn’t complete, but the bend was indisputable.

The God I’ve loved for so long has become so much bigger.  He’s become Goddess and Universe and energy and oneness and the divine Feminine and so much more.




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