What To Wear To Your First Belly Dance Class

Hi friends!

So you’ve finally plucked up your courage and signed up for your first belly dance class.  Good for you!  You may love it, you may hate it, but you did a daring, wonderful thing to commit to going.

But now you’re worried that they’re gonna see your stomach.  And you don’t know what to wear.

First of all, no reputable belly dance instructor should ever require you to show more of your flesh that you’re comfortable revealing.  One marvelous experience shared by many of us who belly dance is that, over time, we’ve become much more comfortable with our bodies.  In fact, many of us have discovered beauty in bodies that look like real women, not catwalk models.  But it’s a process, not an instantaneous thing.  And an instructor that pushes you to show your tummy before you’re ready is not honoring you and your process.

Wear something comfortable!!!  In your first class, you’ll be telling your body to move in ways it may never have considered moving.  (You want me to do WHAT with that hip?)  The last thing you need is to be wearing clothes that get in the way of working with your muscles.  Soft, stretchy yoga-type workout clothes are perfect.  A long skirt works great, especially if you feel self-conscious about letting your backside show.  And consider bringing a big decorative scarf and a safety pin so you can fasten it around your hips.  There’s something about flowing fabric that shows off your movements and makes you feel like you’re really belly dancing.

But more than anything else, wear your joy and your ability to laugh at yourself.  And have a blast!!!


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