Cutting Rocks!

I wrote a post a few weeks ago that I called Coming Full Circle, about my loves of rocks and gems and jewelry-making as a child, and how learning to silversmith is taking me back to deep places inside of me.  Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to take a lapidary class.

In the first session, we got shown the equipment and began designing the piece we’d make.  After making many pieces where the designing started based on a cabochon someone else had shaped, this process began wholly inside of me.  I chose the rough rock I wanted to work with.  I drew the shapes I wanted to cut.  And it was me who got to decide which areas of the rock to cut from.  I used a red jasper with some yellow and gray streaks, and I traced my pattern onto to stone exactly where I wanted.  Oooo, this section with the yellow!

When it was finally time to cut, I felt slightly apprehensive.  You rough out the shapes with something that’s basically a small table saw with water for cooling running over the blade.  Potentially dangerous, right?  And I’m still on blood-thinners, so cutting myself wasn’t a great idea.  But the moment I started, I had the same feeling I’d had in my first silversmithing class:  I’ve been doing this my whole life.

I don’t understand that feeling.  I’ve never experienced it in any arena of life except these various aspects of jewelry-making.  But it’s strong.  I can’t deny it.  Was I made by a Creator to silversmith?  Was I a jeweler in a former life?  Did my life-long love of gems cause me to feel a sense of completeness as I finally got to cut rocks myself?

I don’t know.

And honestly, it doesn’t really matter.  I just know that when I acknowledged and gave space to my desire to take my first silversmithing class, something that had been waiting inside of me for forty-some years finally burst into bloom.

My piece isn’t finished, but when it is, I’ll post photos here.  And just so you know, I won’t be selling it on my Etsy site, Magic Carpet Dance Arts.  I will keep it as a reminder of how I returned to my heart.



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