A Pendant in Process

Hi friends,

I’ve started work on a new custom pendant that I designed a few weeks ago, and I thought I’d show you some step-by-step photos.  First comes the designing.  In this case, my customer chose some stones she wanted me to use.  I left them out on our table for days, moving them around, glancing at them, staring at them, letting them settle in my soul.  Then, I traced around them and started sketching.  Eventually, I came up with several possible designs.  My customer chose this one:

The pale bluish stone is a variety of jasper, the dark one is Teton jade, and the reddish one is called wonderstone or rhyolite.  The darkest penciled-in areas in my design will be stamped with a pattern.

The next step is to trace the pattern onto tracing paper, glue it onto a sheet of 20 gauge sterling silver, and start sawing.  I find the sawing really relaxing and meditative for the most part.  Okay, so sometimes I still break a lot of saw blades, which makes me cuss, but mostly it’s just peaceful and satisfying.  I love watching the sheet of metal BECOME the piece.

So here it is at this very moment, still with the tracing paper glued to the silver.  As you can see, it’s gonna be a strong, powerful piece, but the woman who ordered it is worthy of it.  🙂

I’ll take more photos along the way, and post the next steps.  I love joolin’!



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