A Few More Thoughts About My Next Giveaway: Why Do I Do It?

Why am I going to have another drawing soon, and give away another pendant I’ve made?  What’s in it for me, you’re asking, right?

For some reason, I really LIKE gift-giving.  Have you ever heard that thing that we all have ‘love languages’ that we prefer? Some of them that I can think of off the top of my head are touch, words of affirmation, and gift-giving.  And the reason I can probably think of those three right away is that those are my preferred ones, both for receiving love and for expressing love.

So my underlying motivation is simply because it makes me happy to think of making someone I’ve never met happy when they win one of my jewelry pieces.  Yes, I want the exposure.  Yes, I hope the winner tells everyone about my Etsy shop, Magic Carpet Dance Arts, and does some word-of-mouth advertising for me.  Yes, I want more Facebook fans who might eventually become customers.  But ultimately, if I didn’t actually LIKE gift-giving, those other reasons wouldn’t be enough.

Make sense? Sign up to be entered in my next drawing simply by Liking my Facebook fan page.  When I reach 200 fans, it’ll be time for the drawing.  Hey, the odds of winning are great, right?  1 in 200 — that’s quite a bit better than the Mega Millions jackpot, and I bet some of you bought a lottery ticket for New Year’s Eve, didn’t you?  🙂

Time to go do some creatin’!



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