How To Turn a Pendant into a Belly Dangle Ornament

I make big funky, chunky pendants for belly dancers.  I recently designed one that was even bigger and chunkier and funkier than usual.  One of my belly dancer troupe sisters suggested that it would make a great belly dangle ornament.  She got me thinking, and I went away and figure out a simple way to hook the pendant to a bra.  Then I realized you could do this with any of my big pendants.  So I’ve created this little step-by-step post to show my customers on Magic Carpet Dance Arts what I mean.

First, here’s the pendant.

And here it is worn as a belly dangle ornament with a wrap top.

And here’s the simple how-to.  All you need is a bra with a small-ish connection between the cups and a black elastic ponytail holder.

Slip the elastic band through the jump ring on the pendant.  (I make all my jump rings big enough so that you can easily remove the leather cord that comes with it.)

Slip the loops over the end of the bra strap, and work it past the cup.

And there you go — an instant belly dangle ornament.  Of course, there are hundreds of other ways to fasten it to your costume, but I particularly liked this idea because it’s simple, quick, and secure.

Happy dancing!



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