I Just Discovered Something Called SmartFlix!

The internet is a remarkable place.  This morning I was thinking about an ancient metalsmithing technique that I’d like to learn, called granulation.  I was wondering if it works with silver, or only just gold, and if there might be some place in Denver to take a class.  (I had never seen it mentioned at either of the two metalsmithing schools I’m familiar with.)  So I did some googling, and came across a link to a video called The Art of Granulation. That was interesting enough, but then I discovered it was being advertised on a video rental website called SmartFlix.

How could I never have heard about this site????  It’s a rental site for how-to videos on about every imaginable hobby, sport, career, or subject.  There’s something for just about everyone.  I, of course, immediately perused the jewelry making selection, and rented 5 DVD’s.  They have some of the biggest names in the art jewelry world, like Harold O’Connor and Alan Revere, for example.  My best friend might want to rent a series on Flintknapping, found in the Hunting section. (What the heck is flintknapping? But it looked interesting.)  Want to build furniture?  Restore an engine?  Learn to salsa dance?  Hone your sculpting skills?  Train your puppy?   Chop vegetables like a chef?  Develop your lutherie talents?  (I always wondered what the noun for a luthier’s work was, and now I know.)  It appears that just about anything you might want to watch a how-to video on can be found here.

One word of caution:  this website appears to be a candy store for Scanners (you know who you are) so enter with caution.  😉

If you know me or have been following my blog, you know I’m an Enthusiast.  If I discover something I’m excited about, I’ll rave endlessly about how wonderful it is.  So I’ll keep you posted when my first DVD’s start arriving in the mail.  Expect more raving soon.  🙂



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