Amazing Productivity Tips from Barbara Sher

Three books have completely changed my life in the past 5 years.  The first is The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, which let loose a torrent of creativity.  My blog for kids, Get A Klu, was just an exercise in playfulness from her book, and I’ve kept it going for close to five years now.  (“Hey, Klu, you gonna do some bloggin’ today? You haven’t written ’bout camping in Vernal yet.”)

The second book is The Creative Entrepreneur, by Lisa Sonora Beam, which helped me figure out how I can possibly make money (and eventually a career) out of selling my belly dance artwork.  The Creative Entrepreneur led me to open Magic Carpet Dance Arts, my online shop of belly dance accessories and chunky jewelry.

And now there’s Refuse to Choose, by Barbara Sher.  In the perfect way of the serendipity of the universe, this book came along when I was running myself ragged, reveling in six or seven creative activities without a break.  Why?  Because I wanted to do them ALL.  And I didn’t think I would have time.

I’ve raved in earlier blogs about the joy of discovering there’s a label for people like me with insatiable curiosity:  we’re Scanners, according to Barbara Sher, always scanning the horizon for something new.  But in her book, Refuse to Choose, she goes beyond just naming and describing.  She has TONS of tricks and suggestions and ways to manage your Scanner-hood.

And here’s the one that might be the most life-changing for me:  allotting small blocks of time to work on each of my different projects.  It’s 8:18 am as I write this, and I’ve been out of bed since 6:00.  I’m ready to go to my day job, (showered, lunch packed), but I’ve also already had three short, timed segments doing what I love.  I’ve spent time with my Etsy advertising on Twitter, Facebook, etc.  I’ve worked for 20 minutes on the manuscript of my novel.  I’ve almost completed this blog post.  And I’M HAPPY!  I don’t feel rushed or frazzled — just content that I’ve done things I love today.  And ready to go off to my Good Enough Job full of energy.

Happy reading and doing, my friends!



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