I’m a ‘Scanner’! And It’s Gonna Be Okay!

Hi friends,

When I posted last time about The Curse of the Generalist, a nice man on another continent commented and suggested a couple of authors to me.  (I’m SO thankful for the internet – we live in an incredible era of information exchange.)  I immediately read the excerpt from the link he sent me, and ordered three books by Barbara Sher.  They arrived yesterday, and in between belly dance class and checking my Etsy site, I devoured the first few chapters.

And I discovered that there’s a name for people like me!  We’ve been called ‘Scanners,’ because we’re always scanning the horizon, as opposed to Divers who go deep into their subjects and fields.

I’m a Scanner!  And it’s gonna be okay!

It’s gonna be okay that I have endless, insatiable curiosity about scads of unrelated things.  It’s gonna be okay that my bedtime reading pile includes the newest novel by Barbara Kingsolver, a history book about Marco Polo, the memoir of a woman in the 1920’s who lived with her kids on a boat in Puget Sound, The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam, and a stack of others.   It’s gonna be okay that I’ve traveled to and/or lived in 30 countries and I still want to go to Morocco and India and Argentina and a dozen more.  It’s gonna be okay despite the fact that at the moment, I can’t seem to find a balance of my day job, my Magic Carpet Dance Arts online belly dance accessories business, belly dance practices and performances, rock-climbing once a week, silversmithing classes (and lapidary class next session — I can’t wait!), finishing the novel I’m writing and starting to look for a literary agent, mountain biking and camping on the weekends, and about ten other things.  Oh, and ever since a group of us went to Canvas and Cocktails a couple weeks ago, I’d really like to take a painting class.


I painted this! I keep looking at it in amazement. I actually painted this!


But it’s gonna be okay!  Barbara Sher says in Refuse to Choose is that there are others like me, and my kind of people have a label.  We’re not obsessive-compulsive or ADD.  We’re not crazy!  We’re Scanners!  Pow!  Punch it in, fellow Scanners!

I can’t wait to find out how to manage my personality!  Better go read some more…


2 Replies to “I’m a ‘Scanner’! And It’s Gonna Be Okay!”

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you’re a scanner. You will be able to always be interested in life and find new things to interest you. I want to be a scanner some day. Maybe after the kids are grown. By the way, I really like your painting. For some reason my mom had a painting done by your mom of our great grandmothers house. I think she painted it when she was a teenager. I’ll have to ask my dad if I could send it to you. Enjoy your scanning.

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