Art Talk and Voca Femina

I’m rejoicing that the universe has conspired to allow me to be involved with various art sharing events.  Voca Femina is a website for women to share their creativity, and the group also hosts live performance and sharing nights.  Intimate groups, sometimes at someone’s home.  Lots of lovely energy and support.  Women daring to put their creative journeys out there.  Affirmation.  Stories.

And now I’ve been invited to participate in Art Talk tomorrow night.  This event is for both men and women, so the dynamics will certainly be different than Voca Femina.  Belly dancers, musicians, artists of all sorts.  I’ll be dance with Anam Cara Dance Company, which is always exciting.

But even more exciting, I’ll be sharing about my silversmithing.  I’ve been making and selling chunky jewelry online at  For tomorrow night, I’ll be sharing about how I loves gems and metal since I was a child, and what that love has finally blossomed into.  Yippee!  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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