Learning About Advertising My Etsy Site

I’ve been wondering what works.   I suppose I’m not the only one. For all my fellow artists, artisans, and craftspeople out there, I want to share my experience over the past few days. As creative types, most of us probably don’t like the selling/vending/promoting part. But we gotta do it. We GOTTA!

I make stuff.  Great stuff, actually.  And I make it for a specific niche market:  tribal and tribal fusion belly dancers and other women who have a streak of gypsy or faerie in them.  I make chunky silver jewelry and costume items with henna motifs. I sell it online at Magic Carpet Dance Arts. My belly dancing friends give me lots of compliments. But it’s been a steep learning curve to figure out how to make good use of both the paid online advertising options and all the free internet social networking stuff.

I just recently bought an awesome guide for $17.00 from an Etsy seller.  His shop is called CraftingSuccess.  I was skeptical at first.  But he said that everything he suggests is free, so what did I have to lose, except $17.00.

The first book in the series of four is about setting up your Etsy shop.  As I read it, I was disappointed, feeling like I’d wasted my money because I had already done pretty much everything he suggested.  But then I started in on the second book, Crafting Success, and I was hooked.  (For my fellow Etsy sellers who are reading this, do everything he says starting with building your audience within Etsy itself.  For my artist friends who aren’t selling on Etsy, start reading where he talks about selling outside of Etsy.)

I spent quite a few hours yesterday going step by step through all the things he suggests, setting up Twitter and StumbleUpon accounts, getting my URL registered with Bing and Yahoo and DMOZ, and lots of other stuff.  Yes, it was a LOT of work, but it’s already paying off.  Within a 24-hour period, I have had 6 times more traffic to my site, Magic Carpet Dance Arts, than I ever did before in that amount of time.

I’ll keep you posted about the burst of sales I should be having soon.  🙂  And now I’ve gotta go tweet this post.


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