A Quick Musing on Getting Started

Getting started is always the hardest part for me.

I was just telling my husband how I’d almost finished a dreaded work project yesterday.  This project is supposed to be done quarterly, but it ends up more like twice a year.  For months, it looms before me, feeling overwhelming.  I procrastinate.  The deadline arrives and passes.  I’m filled with guilt.  I get paralyzed.  Then I finally force myself to make an appointment with the person who works with me on this project.  We sit together, figure a few things out, and suddenly I’m off and running.

It’s the same right now with my query letter and synopsis for my novel.  They’re written.  A writer friend critiqued them for me.  I need to make an hour or two of edits, and then I’m ready to send them off to an agent.  I have my first agent in my submission process all picked out already.  But I’m overwhelmed.  Paralyzed.  Not sure I can do it.

I just need to get started.  NOW.  I’m telling you this so that I will actually do it.  Like I said:  NOW.


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