The Tale of the Leggie-Legs (or How the Goodie-Good Turned Baddie-Bad)

So…I wrote on my Facebook fan page a little while ago that I had been asked by a return customer if I could make her a pair of “leggie-legs”.  I had no idea what leggie-legs were, so asked her to send me some links or photos.  She sent me a link to, and here’s what I saw.

And I fell in love with them.  Funky.  Sassy and saucy.  Playful.  Sensual.  Daring.

I’ve come so far, grown so much.  This daring, playful, sensual woman is no longer trapped by the constraints of a religious sub-culture that tried to make her into a goodie-good.  I know who I am now.  And I knew as soon as I saw the photos that I would LOVE to make a pair for my customer. has gone out of business, but they’ve posted their patterns online and say that you can use them as you want.  So I downloaded the pattern and got to work.  Here’s the first pair, the prototype. My customer said she wanted earth tones to go with another item I’d sold her, so I told her I’d make an experimental pair with material I had around, and if she liked them, she could buy them, or she could tell me what colors she wanted.

Well, my customer loved them, but wanted different colors.  (I’m not sure quite where her request for ‘earth tones’ went.)  Anyway, here they are:

Wild, shiny, quilted turquoise, trimmed with bright, bright red and crazy faux fur.  They rank among the most fun costume pieces I’ve ever made.

Hmmm…maybe I need to make myself a pair.


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