Thoughts from My First Vending Experience

  • Vending is hard work.  Stinkin’ hard work.  On your feet for hours.  Lots of talking.  Talking loudly to be heard in a noisy room.  Did I mention that it’s hard work?
  • Strangers touch your artwork.  They pick up your beautiful creations.  They don’t handle them gently, with love and tenderness, like you do.  They dump them back on your table in disarray.
  • Somebody out there might steal one of your babies.  You have to watch everyone, all the time.  Your heart pounds when you think one of your pieces is missing, only to discover it under a pile of other stuff.
  • It’s really hard to make a display that looks nice.  It’s even harder to keep your display looking nice when everyone keeps coming by and moving things and messing it up.
  • People glance at your beloveds and walk away, and you know they hate your work.  Probably, they hate you too.
  • You get some compliments on your work.
  • Some people ask for your business card.
  • People say things that give you ideas about new things you could make.  “Oh, you should make bags like these!”  “Do you ever make armbands?”
  • Your friends help you at your booth, and you feel surrounded by love and support.  You also have someone to talk to when there’s a lull.
  • You sell some items to complete strangers, and it feels better than Christmas when you were a child.

I can’t imagine vending very often, even though I made some money.  Yesterday’s event gave me a whole new appreciation for people who do the art/craft fair circuit.  Yes, I’ll sign up for a table at our Christmas craft fair at work, but mostly right now, I’m just saying thank God for online shoppers and my Etsy site.

A funky photo of a funky choker

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