Odd Inspiration – South Main, Buena Vista, Colorado

In Buena Vista, Colorado, they’re building an old-fashioned town called South Main.  Every house is different, and the styles range from 1920’s Craftsman bungalows to New England mansions with turrets.  There are wraparound porches and wide streets.  Nostalgia abounds.  Fake old, with all the convenience of new.  I can’t decide if I like it or not…

But that’s not my point right now.  My point is the odd inspiration I draw from the wacky outdoor living room that sits right at the edge of the Arkansas River.  Public art for South Main.

Concrete and metal and tiles form a sofa, a high-backed chair, an ottoman, a coffee table with chess board, and an oriental rug.  The lamp really lights up at night.

There’s no plaque to tell who the artist is.  But whoever you are, bravo!  We were in Buena Vista last September, and I saw this work for the first time but didn’t think to take a photo.  However, the complete unlikeliness and creativity of an outdoor living room, the incongruousness of soft made from hard,  the pure fun of it, stayed in my mind for months.

I have no idea what the artist thinks their work means, but it really doesn’t matter right now, because tonight I remind myself that creativity is play, and my inner artist is a child.


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