That’s Great, But I Want To SELL Something!!!!!

It’s been several banner days in a row for my Etsy site, Magic Carpet Dance Arts.  My items got four ‘shout outs’ in 3 days.  What’s a shout out, you ask?  When someone else mentions you on their blog or website.  Free publicity and a bonus serving of encouragement.  And the Etsy website has its own internal shout out system, called Treasuries.  Anyone can create an Etsy Treasury, which is simply a selection of up to 16 items listed anywhere on Etsy.  (Because the idea behind Treasuries is to showcase other people’s work, if you’re an Etsy seller you’re only supposed to include one of your own items in your Treasury.)  The Etsy staff regularly look through the thousands of Treasuries, and select ones they like, and feature them for an hour at a time on the Etsy home page.  Making it to the Etsy home page generally means a LOT of sales.

In the past 3 days, my work was mentioned on two different blogs and two Treasuries.  And one of my items ended up in someone’s earlier Treasury.  (Click on the images to follow the links.)

I love these Treasuries.  The whole idea is to create a collection that looks beautiful and has a theme.  Here’s one I created a while ago.

But I still want to SELL something!!!!  I love all the encouragement, and it’s helping me to keep going, but as an artist (and this applies to my writing too), if my work doesn’t get sold/published, the communication loop isn’t complete.  I haven’t shared what I need to share of myself until the moment when someone reads this blog or Get A Klu, or until we (Anam Cara Dance Company) dance in front of an audience, or until that moment in the future when someone will buy my novel.

And the desire to share is a burning, passionate, frustrating, fierce presence in my life…


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