An Odd Sense of Let-Down

I was driving home just now from my belly dance practice, and I felt an odd sense of let-down.  Not strong enough to be called loss, but almost. As I drove, I tried to sit with the feeling, as Jolene always used to tell me to do. To feel it. To stay there.

I feel this feeling often in the moments just after I’ve stopped doing something creative. When my writing session is over for the morning. When I have to leave my jeweler’s bench because it’s bedtime. When belly dance practice is over. When I have to leave the magic and return to the real world.

Here’s the magic. Here’s Fáinne , the student troupe of Anam Cara Dance Dance Company, recently performing at Elevation 2010. We put in hours of time on rehearsals and costume-making and practicing individually, and then we created magic that night.

Here’s the magic. Here’s Klu the Bear’s blog, Get A Klu,and the knowledge that a small tan bear (my inner child) and his friends are delighting a lot of people.

And here’s the magic. Here’s my online shop, Magic Carpet Dance Arts, where total strangers occasionally buy a piece of my artwork.

But then it’s time to cook or go to work or clean the toilet, and I have to step out of that place of magic and imagination. And I feel that odd sense of let-down.

How do I learn to hold the magic in my heart until the next time?


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