Making Declarations Using “The Creative Entrepreneur” By Lisa Sonora Beam

I used to be part of an intense evangelical/charismatic Christian community, and we spent a lot of time making declarations. We made declarations about the nature of God, such as “God is love.” We made declarations about ourselves: “I am loved. I am beautifully created and wonderful.” I used to get kind of, well, very sick of it at the time, because why did I need to keep saying out loud these things I already believed?

Later, in a completely different context, my counselor, Jolene, made me say things out loud (sometimes loudly, even) that were true about me. More declarations. I am a strong woman.  I am powerful.  I am a volcano.

And dang it, there’s something in the concept. Declaring what I know is inside me, in order to give it space and power to expand.

And now I’ve come across an amazing book for creative, artistic types who’d like to make money from their art.  It’s based on the concept of visual declarations. The book is The Creative Entrepreneur, by Lisa Sonora Beam.

I bought it without realizing that it was a workbook, and I was very cranky when I discovered I actually had to DO something. Exercises. But they’re working. I’m declaring. I am a creative entrepreneur.

I’m declaring the things that come easily to me, and the things that don’t.

I’m declaring how the parts of me fit together, and which ones are strong and which ones need tender development, especially in terms of business skills.

I’m declaring my five-year plan for my writing, my art, and Magic Carpet Dance Arts.

I’m declaring my mission for my business.

If Amazon hadn’t fired all their Amazon Associates in Colorado (but that’s a whole nother story), I’d have a button right here for you to buy the book. But I trust you’ll track it down if you want it. 🙂

And now I must go paint another panel of fabric that will be turned into a temple skirt something like the one in the picture at the bottom.

My little buddy, Klu the Bear, always signs his blogs with some variation of, “Love, Klu the Bear.”  Somehow it feels incomplete not to sign this grownup blog of mine.


Cynthia the Creative Entrepreneur


2 Replies to “Making Declarations Using “The Creative Entrepreneur” By Lisa Sonora Beam”

  1. I love it when I get a book like that, and I read to about the 3rd or 4th exercise before I feel the need to actually do the exercise. No, no, I understand, I don’t actually need to sit down and do the problems, I get it… Oh, wait, maybe I don’t get it… Where was I supposed to start? Maybe I’ll start with exercise #2

    Here’s a link to The Creative Entrepreneur at Powell’s Books. There’s no sales tax in Oregon, and nobody’s been fired by the stupid “biggest store on planet earth” monster there. They’re just a bunch of happy hippies:

    1. Hey, Jeffrey! You’re the best. You make me laugh. And it’s so true: I think I started with about the 3rd exercise. 🙂

      Thanks for the Powell’s link. I wonder if they have an online affiliates program like Amazon does. I’d much rather support an independent bookseller. But it would also be nice to make a little money if someone did actually buy a book I recommend. And I’m probably gonna be talking about a lot of books, cuz I like books. 🙂

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