Are You So Ready to be Done with Anxiety, Anger, Pain, Unworthiness, etc.?

I’m in the fight of my life, to work through my anxiety.  I don’t want to be overly dramatic, but that’s how it feels.  I’m finally just so DONE with being anxious, and that’s made me willing to put the effort into changing.  But it feels pretty freakin’ awful, some of the time.  I’m having to remind myself hourly that this is all worth it.  BECAUSE IT IS!
My anxiety comes from my personal core lie, ‘you’re bad,’ and all my other limiting beliefs that are connected to that shitty lie.  And it’s no wonder it’s taking a lot of effort to shift those beliefs:  I was about two years old when I took on the lie, “you’re bad,” and I’m 53 now.  So I’ve been addicted to that stinker for more than 50 years – aaaack!
I did something in my journal last week that was so helpful I turned it into an exercise for my one-on-one coaching program, Magical You, Magical Life, and I want to share it with you here:  I drew a mind map of my personal cluster of limiting beliefs.
Here it is:
As you can see, in the middle I put ‘You’re bad.’  Then all around it, I wrote my other deepest-held limiting beliefs and connected them.  After I did it last week, over the following few days, I became aware of more of my lies. They can’t hide from me anymore.  And for the first time, I’m seeing with crystal clarity how several of my unhealthy patterns of behavior are all connected and being fed by that same one root lie.
So now I’m in the midst of doing lots of meditations and breathing exercises and energy clearings and thought dissolving, all with the goal of releasing that core lie.  As I write this, I’m not done with the process, but I can feel just a hint of ‘softening’ around that belief, ‘you’re bad.’  This morning, I could just catch a glimpse of who I’d be without that lie, and it was delicious.
Does any of this resonate with you?  Are you starting to get to those deep places where you’re encountering YOUR core lies?  For example, are you starting to be able to feel the presence of beliefs like, I’m not good enough, I’m not lovable, I’m invisible, I don’t exist, I’m not worthy, I have no power, I’m alone, or I’m a failure?
If you’re at that place, WE NEED TO TALK!  You don’t need to be trapped by these for the rest of your life, and I can help you set yourself free!!!!!!  That’s what coaching is all about!  You can’t do this alone!  These beliefs go too deep and you’re too attached to them.  But together, we can unearth them, and I can teach you tools that work so well they feel magical.
You don’t have to be stuck in your anger or unworthiness or victimhood or anxiety or pain any longer!
So if I’m speaking right to your heart here, LET’S TALK.  I offer a free 45-minute Magical Life Planning Session over the phone.  We’ll talk about where you’re at right now in your journey of creating your magical life.  We’ll explore the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.  And we’ll figure out what you need to do next to move forward!  If it seems right to both of us, we might talk about my one-on-one coaching program, Magical You, Magical Life, but whether or not it’s the right time to work with me, you’ll leave the call with a whole new sense of direction about your life.
You can change!  I can help!

Here’s the link to my calendar to schedule your free session:  It will ask you for your time zone, then you pick a time slot that works for you.

The Belief Mechanic

Do you have some of those beliefs where you can say, ‘I know in my head it’s not true, but it FEELS so true.’?
  • I know I’m not actually a failure, but I FEEL like a failure.
  • I know I’m not really invisible to everyone, but it FEELS like I am.
Last week, I recorded this Facebook Live for my free Facebook group, How to Create a Magical Life. It’s all about how we believe a bunch of limiting beliefs that we know are not true, but they FEEL so true, and how they completely block us from creating the lives we long for.
Here’s that link if you want to sign up for one of my free calls that I mention in the video:  There’s still time – I didn’t do as many as I intended to in the third quarter, so I’m offering some more now.

Causes of Anxiety

Do you struggle with anxiety?  (Here’s me raising my hand and saying, ‘me, me, me!’)
Did you know that anxiety is directly related to the limiting beliefs and lies we’re hangin’ onto, especially our core beliefs?
Here’s an example from my life recently.  I’ve been working a lot lately with one of my core lies, which is, ‘you’re bad.’  There are just a handful of these core lies, and we all believe several of them.  Do any of these resonate? (You might hear them in your mind in either 1st person or 2nd person.)
  • I’m not good enough/you’re not good enough
  • I’m bad/you’re bad
  • I’m not worthy/you’re not worthy
  • I’m not loveable/you’re not loveable
  • I’m invisible/you’re invisible
  • I’m going to cease to exist/you’re going to cease to exist
I figured out recently that when I’m holding my core lie, ‘you’re bad,’ there’s this stealth, insidious second half to it:  ‘so you deserve bad things to happen to you.’
And that’s what triggers my anxiety.  I start imagining all the bad things that are going to happen to me (or by extension, to the people I love), and my anxiety spikes.
But the good news is that there are tons of ways to dissolve those limiting beliefs we hold, even the core lies we’ve been carrying around since childhood!!!  And I want to teach you how to dissolve those beliefs, so you can create the life you desire.  And so you don’t have to be twisted up with anxiety – which SUCKS.
Are you ready to set yourself free from anxiety?  If so, WE NEED TO TALK!!!!!!  My whole coaching practice is based around the idea that you don’t need to keep hanging onto those crappy core beliefs that are causing you so much suffering.  I can help you set yourself free, so you can create a magical life!
Every quarter I set aside time to do a certain number of free Magical Life Sessions over the phone. We’ll talk about where you’re at in terms of creating the life you long for, uncover some of the lies that are blocking you and holding you back, and figure out what a great next step would be for you.  If it feels right, we’ll talk about my one-on-one coaching program, but whether you decide to go for the program or not, you’ll leave the call with a whole new sense of direction about your life.
And it’s free!
What are you waiting for?????
Here’s the link to my calendar to sign up for a time slot for your FREE 45-minute Magical Life call with me: 

The Olympics and Not Giving Up on Our Dreams

Becoming a solopreneur and building my coaching business has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  And I’ve done some crazy-ass, daring, courageous, risky stuff, stuff that’s taken a lot of faith to leap off cliffs into the unknown when I heard the voice of my knower and the voice of the Divine.  But what I’m trying to do now is WAY harder than all that stuff, hands down.
Why has it been so hard?
Because the emotional roller coaster has been insane.  One minute I know in every last cell of my body that coaching and helping people create their magical lives is what I am meant to do.  Then, something happens like this past week, when I didn’t get nearly as many people enrolled in my course as I wanted to, and I plunge into the dark depths of despair, sure that I’m a fraud and a failure, that I’m not actually helping anyone, that I’m never gonna make money doing what I love, and that I should give up.
If I had to give the roller coaster an amusement park name, you know, like the Zipper or the Demon Drop, I think I’d call it the Faith Flipper.  Or how about the Faith Flattener?
I’m betting you’ve experienced the roller coaster too, as you’ve tried to follow your dreams.
The past few days, watching some of the Olympics, I’ve been seeing faith in every competitor.  How freakin’ much faith in yourself does it take to train every day for the dream of a gold medal?  How many times do those athletes have to tell themselves that this is what they were born to do, and that it’s worth all the physical pain and the disappointments and the sheer struggle?
Like I said above, I’m disappointed because I didn’t get as many people as I wanted to sign up for my course, ‘How to Create a Magical Life.’  My mind wants to spiral into thoughts that I didn’t announce it enough or to the right people or as well as I should have.  Or that the course is stupid.  Or that nobody likes me.
But right now, as I write this, I’m taking a lesson from those Olympians who have chosen faith over and over.  I KNOW this course is amazing.  I KNOW I can help you create the life you desire.  I KNOW this is what I’m meant to bring into the world.
So I’m going to be one of the ones that picks myself up and chooses faith again.  From this place of humility that I don’t have all the answers, I want to offer YOU my amazing new group program, ‘How to Create a Magical Life,’ again.  We started yesterday, and the first group calls were so powerful.  (They’re recorded, so you won’t miss a thing.)
Have you ridden the Faith Flipper/Flattener on YOUR journey of creating the life you’re longing for?  Are you ready to reach out for help picking yourself up and finding faith again?
Join this magical group of us who are supporting each other to be like those faith-filled Olympian heroes, creating the lives we long for.
More details and REGISTER HERE
With so much joy,

Free Web Class, ‘Creating Magical Lives’

Do any of these sound like you???
  • You long for a fuller, richer, more joyful life, filled with love, health, money, deep relationships, purposeful work, and more!!!!!
  • You generally ~believe~ in the concepts like the Law of Attraction, or that our thoughts become our reality, or the power of prayer, but they don’t seem to work for you
  • You would ~like to~ believe in the possibility of healing yourself physically or receiving ‘magic’ money from the Divine or Source, or attracting a wonderful partner, but you need some reassurance that what you read and hear about is real – it sounds too good to be true, and you want a flesh and blood real person to say it works
  • You’ve played with manifesting or reality-creation, and things have gone inexplicably wrong. For example, you’ve tried so hard to bring in more money, you’ve focused your thoughts, done visualizations, used affirmations, but just when things seem to be getting better financially, you always seem to be hit with a big car repair or dental bill
  • You’re not quite sure you trust the idea of a 3-step process to create a magical life – it sounds too good to be true – but you’d sure like it if it works.
  • You’re sick of inconsistent manifesting – you want a breakthrough!
IF THAT’S YOU…I’m offering my free web class, ‘Creating Magical Lives,’ one final time this morning!!!
During This FREE Webinar You Will Learn My 3-Step Process to Create YOUR Magical Life!
1. Unearth limiting beliefs about the Big Seven – the seven most important life areas, such as love, money and health.
2. Learn to disarm those limiting beliefs, so they don’t block you from receiving.
3. Listen to your knower to discover what goodness WANTS to happen in your life, so that your manifesting becomes filled with miracles, synchronicities and magic!
Saturday, Feb. 10th
  • 10:00 AM Pacific Time
  • 11:00 AM Mountain Time
  • Noon Central Time
  • 1:00 PM Eastern Time
Here’s the link to join me live: (The webinar software, Demio, will ask you for a name and email address to access the webinar).
Hop on the class and start creating YOUR magical life now!  What do you have to lose?

Live Webinar this week – Creating Magical Lives

Since I opened registration for my ‘How to Create a Magical Life’ course last week, I’ve had several people wondering about the specific practices and techniques we’ll be working with in the course.
Also, a number of people who are considering joining the course would like to get a deeper understanding of what I mean by ‘dissolving’ limiting beliefs, listening to your ‘knower,’ and other terms I used last week in the webinar, ‘Magical Money in 2018!’
So, I did some thinking and planning this morning, and I’m super-excited to be writing today to invite you to another free live webinar I’ll be offering this week – on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday – in which I’ll be explaining my 3-step process to creating a magical life, and giving you a little taste of some of the techniques I’ll be teaching in the course.
In this new webinar, called ‘Creating Magical Lives,’ I’ll walk you through each of the three steps to creating YOUR magical life.  I’ll explain which techniques have helped me the most at various points in my journey, and why.  And I’ll give you a little sample of those techniques so you can experience the process for yourself.
If you’ve been intrigued to dive deeper into creating your own reality or figuring out why manifesting seems to work sometimes but not other times, or learning how to access a receiving state, I encourage you to join me for one of the 3 time slots, for what promises to be an info- and experience-packed hour.
Click HERE to register for any of the time slots for the live webinars.
I will also stay on at the end of each webinar to answer questions about my 3-step process, or anything I shared in my recent ‘Magical Money in 2018!’ webinar, or any details of my course.  (If you haven’t had a chance to watch ‘Magical Money in 2018!,’ the replay is still available for a few more days at
I hope you’ll be able to join me live this week as we continue our journey into this amazing thing of creating magical lives!

How Unclogging a Drain Turned into Unclogging My Chakras

Our bathroom sink drain has been getting slower and slower. This morning, I washed my face, and the water didn’t even pretend to go down.

You know how sometimes you just have to deal with something NOW? Well, it was NOW for that drain.

So I got a bucket and took off the U-shaped part of the plumbing, then I started poking up the drain pipe with a screwdriver and pulled out clumps of hair with a needle-nosed pliers. Suddenly, I got ahold of the motherlode! This huge long glob of gooky hair and scum just kept coming out and coming out. Made me want to gag, but at the same time, it was SO satisfying. Then I ran a bunch of hot water and washed some more scum and a few more hairs down into my bucket. And the water was flowing again!

After I got the plumbing back together and cleaned up my mess, I decided it was time to do my morning meditation. I’ve been working lately with a deep-rooted belief that’s holding me back from fully creating all that I long for. The belief is simply, ‘You’re bad.”

Just as a side note, the longer we work on dissolving our limiting beliefs, the more we get down to a few core lies that are common to most of us. They’re things like:
• You’re bad
• You’re unlovable
• You’re in danger
• You’re alone/abandoned/cut off
• You’re going to cease to exist
• You’re invisible

So I’ve been working with the belief, ‘you’re bad,’ for a while now. Just now, as I started my meditation, I could see that belief in my mind-space, the bubble around and over my head where I experience my thinking function. One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Christie Marie Sheldon, has imagery for energy clearing where you see an elevator coming down from Source, and when it stops in front of you, you open the door and there’s a garbage can waiting inside it for you. You dump the energy you no longer want into it, then press either the button to send it back up to Source or down into the center of the earth, whichever feels right. So I called the elevator down, and started pulling ‘you’re bad’ energy’ out of my mind-space. As I did, I suddenly saw the energy as these big gooky globs of hair and scum. I just kept pulling and pulling, and dumping these long strands into the garbage can. Finally it felt like I’d gotten most of it, so I sent the elevator up for the ‘you’re bad’ energy to be incinerated.

Then, I realized I could feel the energy in my emotion-space – the big bubble around my torso and mostly in front of me. So I repeated the process – more big, gaggable but oh-so-satisfying globs of icky energy.

I got most of it pulled out of my emotion-space, and then noticed it in my crown chakra. Once I’d cleaned my crown chakra, I decided to check all the others. They all had at least some of that ‘you’re bad’ energy, and I pulled it out, one charkra at a time.

You know how when you clear a drain, there’s still a few hairs and some scum left? That’s how I felt at that point, so I turned on the equivalent of the hot water: lots and lots of white-silver-gold Source energy gushing down through the pipe from above, flooding my mind-space, my emotion-space, and all my chakras. It felt so good and loving and cleansing, and I just sat there, letting it run through me.

I usually set a timer when I meditate, and today I didn’t want to get up when it went off. But I checked in and it felt like I was done for the moment. But more than that, it felt like and still feels like as I write this, that 99% of that ‘you’re bad’ energy is truly washed away. I feel so clean! And there’s a lovely feeling bubbling up inside me: ‘Cynthia, YOU’RE GOOD!!!!!!!’

Want to learn how to do this?  Join me for my group course, How to Create a Magical Life!

Want Magical Money in 2018?

How are your finances looking for this year we’ve just headed into?  Are you determined to turn things around regarding money in 2018?  (Did you say that same thing at the beginning of 2017:  ‘THIS YEAR is gonna be different’?)
Do you ever hear those bad voices in your mind telling you things like:
  • I’ll never get out of debt
  • I’ll never make enough money to feel secure
  • I can’t make money doing what I love
  • I’m stuck in this soul-destroying job because it pays the bills
  • I can’t charge the amount I deserve for my services because no one would pay me
  • God/the Universe/the Divine only ever gives me just barely enough – I don’t deserve ease or treats or luxury
  • Making money is freakin’ hard work
  • I don’t deserve to make money easily
  • I’m gonna run out of money someday and die under a bridge
NEWSFLASH:  YOU have access to infinite abundance and resources!  You just need some help to get at it, and some tools to quiet those bad voices.  (It’s okay if you don’t believe me yet.)
That’s why I’m offering this FREE one-hour masterclass webinar.  It’s called “Magical Money in 2018,” and it’s packed with ways to go from a trickle of prosperity to a flood.  I’ll be talking about some common reasons our incoming money stream gets blocked, and I’ll share some simple techniques that can enable you to release those blockages, so that you can access your infinite flow of resources.
This no-cost training is for you if money is a struggle in any way, and you long for your abundance to flow.  And this training is also for you if you consider yourself to be financially secure, but you’d love to see more abundance of love, purpose, health, creativity or joy in 2018.  The principles and techniques I’ll be teaching apply to all areas, not just money.
How much longer are you gonna wait for the abundance that’s your birthright?
So I hope you’ll join me on Tuesday, January 30th, at 11:30am Eastern Time, 10:30am Central, 9:30am Mountain, and 8:30am Pacific.  And don’t worry, there will be replays of the webinar (but you have to sign up to get the info).
So hop over here TO REGISTER!
With so much joy,
PS. If you read this and you’re torn between hope that infinite abundance might truly be yours and fear that it’s too good to be true, you are exactly the person I’m talking to.  YOU!

Being Vulnerable Here About My Struggles

This post comes to you from a vulnerable place.  I’ve been getting ready to launch a new course called ‘How to Create a Magical Life.’  It’s based on the concept that there are seven big areas in life that most of us long to have goodness in – love, money, health, career, our peeps, etc. – and that most of us have a few of those areas where we are just plain STUCK.  No matter what we do, nothing changes.  No matter how desperately we pray or how frantically we try to manifest those things, nuthin’.  And in my course, I help you by starting with the reason WHY that’s the case, which is all the unconscious limiting (and very painful) beliefs we hold in those areas.
But I’ve been freaking out the past week or so, because I have a couple of these areas where I’m stuck!!!!  “How can I teach you to remove blocks and create magic, when I haven’t been able to do it in certain areas of my life?  I’m a fraud!!!  Aaaaaaack!!!”
Then yesterday I was being coached, and we unearthed one of my core limiting beliefs – ‘God will always take care of my most basic needs, but I don’t deserve any more than that – no luxuries, no ease, no special treats, etc.’  When I hit on this belief, the tears came flooding.  My coach helped me begin the process of dissolving the belief.
And then I had an immediate test in the afternoon.  My best friend had given me a gift certificate for my birthday to a garden center.  I love gardening, but it’s too late to do much this season, so I went over there thinking about all the practical things I could get for next spring.  But then I noticed they had a florist section and a case of cut flowers.  One bouquet just jumped out at me.  But when I looked at the price…almost the entire amount of the gift certificate.  I couldn’t POSSIBLY spend that much money on cut flowers that will only last a week or two.  I didn’t deserve THAT — too beautiful, too special.
I felt a lump welling up in my throat, and I had to hurry out of there.  I had a few other errands, so I went and did them, all the while realizing that my big ole limiting belief was looming over me:  you don’t deserve that much goodness.  And I could see that this was a perfect opportunity from the Divine to continue dissolving my painful, limiting belief.
So I wiped my eyes and drove back over there, and got the flowers with my gift certificate.
And I cried all the way home…tears of pain and joy and gratitude.  I’m looking at my beautiful flowers now as I type this.
So what exactly was going on here?
  • We all hold beliefs that aren’t true, lots of them. And in the areas of the Big Seven – love, money, health, etc. – they’re really deeply rooted. We usually don’t even realize we actually believe those things, but when we do see the belief, our reaction is, ‘Logically I know it’s not true, but it FEELS so true.’
  • Here’s why your beliefs, even the ones that are totally unconscious, are so significant and powerful:  they are functioning all the time, going against your conscious effort to create a magical life.
  • Contrary to some pop spiritual teaching out there, you create your life out of your soul, not your mind.
  • Your soul wants to awaken, to shed all those limiting beliefs and to live in its full divine glory. But all your limiting beliefs are blocking your soul.
  • If you don’t dissolve those limiting beliefs, here’s what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna create exactly the opposite of what you set out to create. You’re gonna stay forever stuck in those areas you so desperately want to manifest.
So that’s what I created this course for:  to unearth and dissolve those beliefs, so you can create magic in all the areas of your life.
‘How to Create a Magical Life – the Beta Version’ is gonna be super-special because there’s always something powerful about the first time with something new.  We are going to create a group energy that enables all of us, me included, to have breakthroughs in areas where we’ve been stuck for years.  Plus, this beta version will be tailored for this specific group of people who take the course this first time — I’m going to be tweaking the material in response to YOU – what you need and ask for.
And because it’s the beta version, it’s only $120 for 5 weeks! (I’ll probably price it at $350 when I run it the next time.)
Here’s the link with all the details and to sign up:  CLICK HERE
After all my frustration and stuckness with trying to get this course launched, yesterday everything shifted for me.  I’m SOOOOOOO excited now.  And that’s what can happen for you:  we uncover a belief, we dissolve it, and IMMEDIATELY that area starts to shift.  Pure magic!
Don’t miss out on this beta version – firsties are the best.  REGISTER HERE

How to Create YOUR Magical Life

breaking board

Sometimes creating a magical life is a freakin’ lot of effort.

Creating a magical life is NOT sitting on the couch, visualizing money dropping in your lap or the love of your life knocking on the door or your healthy, fit body…and sitting there and sitting there and sitting there. We have to actually get up our butts and DO something. We have to put forth effort.

And we put forth effort in two ways. One is that we work our asses off for the things our knowers show us to work towards. And the other is that we slog through our shit, bringing our fears and hurts and shame into the light.

This photo is me breaking a board with my bare hand. It’s a representation for something that combined both the physical effort and the emotional/spiritual work of breaking through.

The person leading the exercise had us start by saying what fears were holding us back from getting our magic and healing out into the world. We all shouted out things like fear of failure, fear of being found out as a fraud, fear of not making money, etc. But then she started taking us deeper by asking what more primal fears were underneath. Why are you afraid people will think you’re a fraud as a coach, Cynthia? Well, because then they won’t like me. And why are you afraid of not being liked, Cynthia? Well, because they’ll go away. And why are you afraid of that, Cynthia?


She took us through this until is became obvious that all fears spring from just a handful of primal fears — fear of being alone, fear of ceasing to exist, fear of pain, and a few others.

On one side of the board, we had to write what fears we were breaking through. On the other side, we wrote the truth — I am loved, I am safe, I am.

Then we held our boards for each other, and broke them with a sharp, fierce punch of the heel of our hand. POW!

I can’t tell you how empowering it felt.

Do you want to be empowered like that too? Do you want to break through your blocks around money, love, health, career, loved ones, purpose?

I can help you! Join me for a wild journey on my new course, ‘How to Create a Magical Life.’